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   With the worsening water pollution, improve peoples living standards, more and more health conscious, water purifiers and water purification tool as consumers are widespread attention, in large cities in recent years widespread and strong marketing promotion in households. Currently rural water purifier market are not taken seriously because for a long time, the market was mostly a blank, face lift operating costs under intense competition in the city, a lot of water purifier manufacturers to put rural development strategy, the rural market has become a net water heaters agents are contested. The new face of the market, Guangdong water purifier joined agents how to open markets in rural towns to earn money?

   small series, to develop rural water purifier market, we must do market analysis.

   Overall, the current level of consumption per capita in rural areas is still relatively low. Not only for the villagers personal household income, rural and urban household income is very difficult in comparison. Low power consumption capacity is a problem water purifier dealers develop the rural market. So for the low spending power of the economic area, we choose to promote the product, the consumer will be determined according to the ability of rural, rural energy consumption consider since afford the product type, we must choose the right price to promote sales of products made in rural areas .

   In rural areas, due to the cultural quality of rural population, dealers should make more DVS advertising, allowing villagers to glance knowledge of water purifier, focusing on water pollution in the surrounding villagers understand the extent and importance of healthy drinking water, and the need to use water purifier, Guangdong dealers advertise in rural areas, especially when it requires attention. But the advantage is that the people in rural areas to promote water purifier relatively no resistance. Dealers can be served at the county level TV stations better quality ads, you can also send publicist for drinking water in rural areas a wide range of health literacy, combined with the local pollution situation of the villagers micro terrorist propaganda color, while doing some introductory outdoor advertising, so that the villagers understand the importance of healthy drinking water.

   Guangdong distributors to do the rural water purifier market, but also good relations with the local village cadres. As a result, dealers in clean water advocacy work in rural areas, the sales will progress more smoothly. For example, in rural areas engage in promotional activities, when can be a good collection of villagers showed up, no sense of exclusion.

   In addition, dealers have to know when idle villagers, whatWhen more farm work. Only after these clear understanding of the situation, in order to choose the right time under the promotion of the village, find time to engage in activities, so the villagers will have to participate, but also to the promotion achieve a multiplier effect.

   In short, with increasingly fierce competition in the urban market, rural market prospects began to be more and more attention in Guangdong water purification agents, immature rural water purifier market implies a huge opportunity how to grasp the key, Guangdong has become the majority of water purification agents to open up the rural market.

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