Water purifier -waste war- it is really useless
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   When using a reverse osmosis water purification, because of reverse osmosis technology itself, the water discharged from the "pure", but also "waste." This is for technical reasons, any brand of water purification products can not be avoided, is that the ratio of the number of questions, some waste water purifier water ratio is 2: 1, and some may be 1: 1. Ordinary people in the installation of water purifiers, are less likely to focus on waste wastewater, water purifiers do not understand the reason may be that works. When installed, the owner does not intervene, the installer will usually direct access to the waste water to drain away the water pipes.


   This "waste" really toxic, useless? We have to analyze the situation of waste water, in order to avoid misunderstandings, we waste called "tail water" is more appropriate. Reverse osmosis water purifier, for example, "waste water" is also a cartridge filter through the first three levels, has a large part to the addition of impurities. In addition to water purification tail water salinity and bacteria than tap water is slightly higher, most other indicators, such as turbidity, color, organics, colloids, etc., are lower than tap water, so water can not waste water.

   This wastewater nor that "waste water", which may be used to tail water do many things. With a small water bottled up can water the flowers, mopping the floor. Drag the finished water can flush the toilet. This allows the rational use of resources. Some people think it is useless to waste, so much the end of the drain water directly, do have some pity.

   While saving money is not more than a month could save a few bucks, but we advocate is a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, money is their own, but the resources of the entire community. Saving is a virtue, but also a responsibility.

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