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  In recent years, water pollution is worsening, been repeatedly exposed, such as: industrial pollution, pesticide and fertilizer pollution, water pollution, and so secondary. In fact, if we pay attention, they would find water around really changed a lot, just a decade ago, water and various small fry, but now they become stagnant water, duckweed clusters; in the past we drink well sweet chilly water, drink tap water now increasingly heavy chlorine smell. Some time ago the National Cancer Registration Center released 2015 Annual Report, the current report shows that Chinas annual new cancer cases is about 3.12 million cases, diagnosed an average of 8550 people a day, six people have been diagnosed with cancer every minute, 10 seconds, an average of one person confirmed. Every year 2.7 million cases of death due to cancer cases. One of the causes of cancer incidence and mortality rates have increased in our drinking water, health want to drink safe water, currently the fastest and most effective methods is to use a water purifier to facilitate safe and convenient. However, not what you want to install a water purifier can be installed, and a lot of factors to consider, simply tell you is that the following points. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted) 01, the pursuit of healthy drinking water conscious We want to establish a sense of healthy drinking water, we understand that water pollution has become a human-caused impact on the more serious problems than the war, at the same time lack of awareness on the water, drinking water health awareness is still very weak. Many people in the pursuit of a higher quality of life, as an important part of healthy living healthy drinking water was most people fail, we only realize the importance of healthy drinking water, in order to implement the action to life in the past. So you have this conscious? 02, for his most important water purifier to buy, the price is critical, the general water purifier market prices ranging from hundreds to thousands, or even tens of thousands, in economic permit, choose quality and not choose price . But we must choose their own, it does not mean that the more expensive the better. Lest spent odds, not to buy their own products. 03, choose a good quality to excellent quality (look for the brand, quality and after-sales are guaranteed), the quality of water purifiers direct relationship to our bodys health. So when choosing a water purifier, the brand is also critical, because water purifiers will be possible some of the more common problems in subsequent use, such as for the core, removal and other after-sales service, the brand will do a responsible sale service, to solve these problems encountered by the consumer. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted) 04, understand the function of the product which is selected according to the individual circumstances of each householdDue to many types of water purifiers, there are different products for different purposes. Many people do not understand, so choose the time often blind choice, so choose the wrong product, did not reach their desired effect. And each product specification is not quite the same, if the family has bought more than a small flux of water purifiers, it is very time-consuming, have to queue up to drink water. So small advice in selecting water purifier, be sure to first define their needs, listen to professionals resolution, understand before you buy. 05, selected documents complete the purchase of a water purifier, to select a full range of document products (wading this document is particularly important), the most critical is to see whether the product to obtain health permits in areas where health supervision department. This may be relevant documents of approval by Health Authority website, now Jieke query in the provincial health department. 06, know your home to buy water purifier must understand their own water quality (install different products to different water quality), you know is best for their own water quality. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted) Under normal circumstances, the North hard water, you can choose reverse osmosis water purifier, water south to north water quality is relatively better compared to the use of ultrafiltration water purifier generally can effectively solve the problem. 07, not bad domestic situation in the South China Sea tensions recently, some fake foreign brands finally tore off his coat, have said that we have the surname, we are the national brands. Consumers can recognize a truth - China has become the largest production base for water purification, will no longer tangled foreign brands are better than the quality! Anzhi source

   good water source, such as any questions you want to know more about water pollution, water purification please pay attention to security aspects of the source of the public number, you can also leave a message after the addition of concern here will give you a satisfactory answer. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted)

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