-Water appliances market, the rapid growth of e water indust
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   With the development of the water purifier market, because of the lack of uniform standards of management malpractice market is becoming increasingly apparent, many industry insiders said that he was very worried.




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   "water appliances" fast-growing market

   "water appliances" is a household appliances , mainly refers to the home directly water-related equipment and electrical appliances, from the simplest filter element to a set of water treatment systems.

   According to relevant data, water purification equipment the past three years to usher in rapid growth, retail sales growth in market size from 454 million units in 2013 to 1192 million units in 2016; retail market size from 2013 in 95 million yuan to 29.3 billion yuan in 2016. Water purification equipment in 2020 is expected to scale to more than 128 billion yuan.

   water industry behind the chaos-prone

   behind the rapid growth of the industry, the industry also agreed that the chaos behind the appliance industry. Brand numerous industry was mixed, false propaganda, overdraft credit industry; aftermarket fault, not only sell equipment; ism, companies do not have R & D capability is the focus of several aspects of the participants.

   In this regard, insiders believe that the development of the industry too fast, to the point had been changed. "Water industry must order out of chaos, to strengthen industry self-regulation and consumer demand for safe, healthy and increasingly high status of the neglect of quality and after-sales service industry is clearly not sustainable. The next three years, water purification equipment industry will usher an industry reshuffle, survival of the fittest. "

   water purification industry lack of uniform industry standards

   Chinas water industry, a senior expert said the need to strengthen market supervision, while a unified industry standard, "the current water appliances industry into a Kowloon flood control" of the situation, the standard was chaotic. the Ministry of health, Ministry of environmental Protection, Department of Housing and trade associations have their own standards, and most of the non-mandatory enterprise was confused, or need potential implementation of standards? which standards? "

  " we are not lack of standards, but the lack of a unified industry standard, can not effectively strengthen the supervision of the enterprise. "president of a water purifier Association said, the next step will play the role of industry associations, to develop a unified water purification equipment industry standards, not mandatory in the short termExecution, running and other standards are ripe to promote the industry in the market enforcement.

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