Well water and rain water is yin and yg
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   yin and yang water is generally said that the cold water is added to boiling water inside the water mixed together, then we have to know well water and rain water is yin and yang? Or by the small series to tell you about it.




Yin and Yang in Chinese medicine or folk remedies water middle and cold water, well water and river water or water mixed together, and is mainly used to make medicine introduction or transfer agents, rarely directly drinking, and that well water and rainwater for the yin and yang of water? Xiao Bian think these two should not be mixed with water yin and yang water, the water does not meet the definition of yin and yang, with the following understanding about the drinking water yin and yang of the body harmful?


Yin Yang water is added to raw water mixed water


One is water yin and yang of said medical raw water and the mixture, there is a cool white open and water mixture, the addition to this fact, in addition, commonly used in daily life also belong to well water and river water yin and yang. "Yin and yang water is unique to China, it is called, it comes from Chinas Taoism, but also the concept of feng shui, which itself is more iffy. A lot of people in their daily lives simply regard it as raw water is mixed with boiling water. In fact, our daily there are more than contact with river water, well water, etc., as well as hot and cold water mixing bath water is yin and yang. "


yin and yang to drink a big harm to the body


a lot of people in their daily yin and yang of life will come into contact with water, such as a large part of our people are drinking fountains of water, when the fully automatic point hot water boiler water shortage, it will automatically add water. At this point, if people do not pay attention to the ground water or other emergency drinking, electric water boiler water would flow of yin and yang. Many people also feel that drinking this water body great harm, but Chenzu Hui said that if it is treated clean bottled water, effects on the body is small.


If it is not treated water, out of the water straight from the tap and water mix, this yin and yang of water to drink after only harm to the body, not through water disinfection is not only a large number of bacteria can also cause people gastrointestinal dysfunction, or even cause cholera. However, small series that generally drink bottled water, the treated, clean water directly to drink boiled water and mix into the water yin and yang, there is no documentary evidence to support drinking harmful to the body. But got to ensure clean drinking fountains, to regularly clean drinking fountains, as well as find some of the bottled water business trust.


household drinking water Tips: Long-term drinking pure water is not goodBecause the human body fluids are alkaline, while pure water was acidic, the body will base balance destruction; will increase the loss of calcium in the body, take away the body of trace elements, reduce the bodys immune system.




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