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   soft water, in very recent years to unprecedented recognition. Many people are beginning to use it. So, soft water you can drink it?




Recently, the "soft water" has become popular keywords people. Many people are beginning to use it. So, soft water you can drink it? In this regard, the experts reminded the public that the water softener is a high-quality domestic water, but should not be used as drinking water, it is best used for bathing, laundry use.


Daily water into "hard" and "soft" types. Usually our municipal water used belong hard water containing large amounts of calcium, magnesium and other metal ions. Low detergency in hard water, decontamination is not easy, mainly due to hard water calcium, magnesium salts interact with soap, water-insoluble form of gum. This material having adhesive property not only causes premature skin aging, resulting in stiffness clothing fibers, but also the formation of scale on the surface of sanitary ware, clogging pipes.


In view of this, more and more households selected the "water-softening" means a special water treatment equipment, the ordinary water containing calcium and magnesium and other metal ions removed. Due to the use of soft water can greatly improve the situation, and cook meals with soft, fluffy and soft texture, so many people think of water through the water softener is a good deal of water, be safe to drink. But in fact not the case.


In the water softening process, along with toxic and hazardous substances filtered out, and calcium, and magnesium ions human daily necessary minerals and trace elements. Softened water, lose these minerals, also lost its carrying immune function. Long-term drinking can reduce the bodys immune system, increase the probability of cardiovascular disease, more harmful to the elderly, children and pregnant women. Therefore, experts suggest soft water unfit for drinking, hard to everyday drinking (water hardness of about 180mg / L, pH value slightly greater than 7) is appropriate.


by the introduction of small series, you have mastered the soft water is not drinkable knowledge of it, if you want to learn more about water softeners can refer directly to it and other small water safety knowledge, come to the attention of small series articles of it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water.




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