When you are still questioning the effect of water purifier
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   When you are still questioning the effect of water purification products ... which families in the village installed a home water purifier, early it is no longer new. This illustrates the penetration of water purifiers in our country, it has been very high. However, consumers in some areas, the role of the water purifier has been there a questioning attitude, perhaps they do not recognize the role of water purifiers, perhaps they are indicators of water very satisfied, we do not know. But the role of water purifier only you use really understand, you have not used it once a direct negation, is not too harsh a ......

   to install a water purifier in the end is good, and now still different opinions, some say water purifiers can improve the quality of life and ensure the safety of domestic water, water purifiers like some people say nothing of much use, security anxiety are the same, so now we have to sum up the benefits of using water purifier.


   1, after the water pipeline, secondary pollution pollutants susceptible bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and the like, however, only approaches boiling water to kill bacteria in the water portion of the water and mud sand, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances can not be resolved by boil water, so this method does not improve the quality of drinking water. But the water purifier can filter out all contaminants, ensure that family healthy drinking water.

   2, water purifier can effectively remove various pollutants in water, such as substances harmful heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, viruses and the like, through the purified water taste good, strong activity, water was weakly basic, fully meet the needs of everyday life.

   3, water purifier is low compared to the cost of bottled water, bottled water is generally about 8-15 dollars per barrel, to be replaced once every 3-4 days, so long down the cost will be high, and bottled water after opening, if not used up, are susceptible to airborne bacteria, viruses secondary pollution, and ways to boil water, compared to just a little bit better, so not the best drinking water program.

   4, a small number of relatively wealthy families as the bottled mineral water daily, but bottled water costs are too high, is not conducive widely, but most bottled water is pure water, a lack of trace elements and minerals in water, long-term drinking is not conducive to human health.



   After these contrast, we learned very direct water purifierThe biggest advantage is that the present situation.

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