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  Up knowledge: water purifier filter whether better? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 262 Published: 2019-3-14 11:12:58 many customers ask, water purifier filter is better than the more effect it more clean water? For this reason I believe many people are confused, first of all to find out about common water purifier filter material, filter effects and replacement time. PP cotton filter position: as a general filtration: filter out visible to the naked eye water filtration precision: precision range 0.5-100 micron filter life: six months is generally recommended to replace pre-carbon position: generally with pre-carbon undergo secondary filtration: adsorption of chlorine, heterochromatic odor, volatile organic compounds and other substances life: six months generally recommended replacement location membrane filter: a filter as three general, multi-purpose role ultrafiltration: intercepting bacteria in the water, colloids, suspended solids and organic molecules filtration precision: 0.001 micron -0.1 micron accuracy life: 24 months generally recommended position RO membrane filter: a four filters, water purification is the most important action of: removal of heavy metals, bacteria, and other harmful substances scale filtration precision: 0.0001 micron accuracy up to an RO membrane, hair is one hundred thousandth of life: about 24 months generally recommended to replace the activated carbon positions: RO membrane filter is generally located rearward role: again adsorption of a small amount of dirt that may remain life: 12 months or so is generally recommended to replace the multi-stage filter whether it safer? In fact, several stages of filtration and water quality is good or bad filtered and not so much! Some low-end is also mounted water filter cartridge 4,5, but the filtration efficiency may be less than a high-performance filter, the water quality and process mainly depends on the material of the filter. Activated carbon filter 100 can not be brought into a valid RO reverse osmosis membrane, but with different role! Some time ago, in line to see publicity has 12 filter ultrafiltration machine, we think, is not it good? Look at this propaganda 12 filter configuration. From start to finish, are PP cotton + carbon + UF + other combinations, although many filter, but it can achieve the effect of filtering is to filter out impurities, sand, rust, heterochromatic odor adsorption, and some bacteria and other colloids, the rest of the filter is quite furnishings. Why do not all use reverse osmosis type it? Since that reverse osmosis water purificationIs the best purification effect can play, why do not all use reverse osmosis type it? To address this issue, Hansi Dun gives the answer. First reverse osmosis filter is filtering the highest precision, which is true, but the cost is more expensive reverse osmosis filter, reverse osmosis filter all, presumably most reluctant to use; followed by reverse osmosis filter has requirements for water quality, water quality if good, easy to damage the reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis membrane impurities accumulate progressively broken to leaking, poor water quality and so on. How much better to put water purifier filter? The best combination is a filter cartridge filter in accordance with water quality requirements and effects, generally 5 to Level 4 Level appropriate. Generally, ultrafiltration machine, water purifier filter used mainly PP cotton filter, before and after the activated carbon filter, membrane filter composed of several major categories. In pure water, the water purifier main filter, to filter the pre-carbon in the form of cotton + PP + RO + post activated carbon film 4-5 is more, this type of water purifier favored. So ladies and gentlemen partners pay attention to, to buy water purifier filter can not see the number, but depends on the filter configuration, otherwise the final loss of the money may regret.

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