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   [China] water purifier network of rivers and lakes will sell for a long time, early and often active in the streets, rural towns, from the earliest small poultry, to small appliances, health products, alcohol, to water purification, air purification is, they divided into different factions, was required to learn the formal study with a teacher, they set up business alliance, a business alliance that will sell a large organization, usually to sell something, speak up when talking about how (they call internal stresses mouth) are determined by the chiefs, there is the famous Royal League and Zhang Union.

   Of course there will be some scattered into the no man in this business alliance we have ignored because they are not representative. The pin will have a greatest feature: send gifts to attract people to the lectures, the middle may be selling cheap little thing, it is the last day of the topic.

   First, conventional water purifier sales will be 3-7 days, specifically to see how leaders decided that every place is beginning to sweep the streets like lectures, good results will stay there for a long time, not good to change places. After

   Routine one

   10 years ago, water features (negative hydrogen water, selenium-rich water, oxygen-rich water, small molecules of water, alkaline water, water, trace elements, etc.) Pop various concepts emerging, called their machine out of the water cure all diseases, just like Shenshui effect. After

   routine two

   12 years ago, the functional water gradually withdraw from the stage of history, water machine water purification staged a legend. From filial piety, health, medical, cancer, water pollution incident, why the bad well water, bottled water, etc. Why not proceed, they well versed in human nature, holding idea all the way consumers fooled.

   Routine tris

   Routine to say two or more, at least a conscience, the following routine to the indignation. Some teams specifically looking for a place to stay, many elderly people, known as water purifier of his disease prevention, treatment of diseases, old people may be less to worry about their children, and will return the money to buy the machine every day, until after a period of time back to finish, of course, there will be a set of rhetoric, not elaborate here, theyll return early the amount of time promised, and so many people fooled, direct running, or free travel and other deceptive means, many elderly retirement money or even borrow money is cheated.

   routine four

   inside, then surgery is called reverse insertion. The first day is to send a small gift, then come up with a few things to sell dollarsYou, the next day he would return the money to you, you buy that thing or you, after so again four days later, you sell three or four thousand water purifier, we all thought tomorrow would think the other day as the money back to them, and who knows, the fifth day has been left vacant.

   routine five

   with the beautiful young sister performing on stage, drawing them to the attention, then a set of rhetoric promotional activities, on-site solution with the electrolyzer point presentation, demonstration demonstrator filtered beer , ink, and even pesticides. Such a place to do a general, a two hours, finished on the exchange place.

   routine six

   shed around inside, then surgery is called, is a man in front of three days of lectures, the fourth day suddenly come to a companys leadership, immediately came to the atmosphere, leading to increase the natural preferential too, have a look below to listen to the cheap can be accounted for, so eager to buy, there is nothing around the leadership of the company does not know is that they have a team.

   and then we will talk about why these sales team a lot of people feel deeply deplored, the reason is not on this pattern itself, of course, in addition to the third part of the routine of fraud, water purifier itself is a the role of water appliances, indeed to filter harmful substances in water, but they are exaggerated, it is no exaggerating the people hate, then because where it?

   all these teams operate most of the rivers and lakes manufacturers are not directly involved, manufacturers only supply, in order to maximize profits, significantly drive down supplier prices, resulting in poor quality of the machine, the second is to do these pins will mostly make the field, finished one place to another place, so no one do after-sales, the people holding the broken machine will not repair, do not know where to repair, sell the machine before people also can not contact.

   Of course developed later, these teams will generally find a person in the local cooperation deal with after-sales, after-sales but mostly too many problems, be sure to do so at a loss, this man cooperation also had to change numbers running, because the nature its here.

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