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With the escalating consumer demand, iteration, can not meet a single category of consumers "one-stop" shopping needs, home businesses have opened up cross-border cooperation mode, stores + appliances, household appliances + home improvement ...... although appliances before long the intersection had already seen, but in a new retail outlet, we still expect to bring surprising effect of these new cross-border model may give the industry.




In the appliance store to buy cabinets, home stores to buy appliances, or to buy household appliances in the decoration company? This year, the shopping experience becomes common it. Following the Orange family alliance with Suning Tesco, actually after the home was built appliances and smart home experience center, the EU sent to the United States also recently entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides plan to build 100 stores in the United States cabinets museum during the year.

   Reporters learned that home appliances, home field of cross-border development in fact a long time, initially began in the late century appliance companies have tested the water cabinet products, but most of them failed to set off big waves in the market. Industry insiders believe that, with the advent of the shopping needs of the industry "one-stop" test of the ability to open up the household appliances enterprises in the whole industry chain, each link of each category, this time trying to develop multi-channel integration is with them.

   home appliances in the field this year are frequent cooperation

   This year, the integration between the home appliance brand, stores and home brands, stores, and home improvement companies, accelerating the trend.

   last week, as the industry double leading European faction and the United States reached a strategic cooperation agreement to create a joint European Pine cabinets home experience museum in the United States the high-quality stores, and promote the development of the United States Cabinet ready business is expected in complete the construction of 100 stores in the United States cupboard museum of the year.

   It is reported that consumer solutions, consumer demand for complete sets of spatial, is one of the important factors that contribute to this cooperation the two sides agreed. EU to send cabinet, said Liu Jun, general manager of home, compared to foreign high-quality home appliance stores, kitchen cabinets and electrical binding display and sales methods accepted by the market, and therefore the EU sent to join the United States to explore "cabinet electric one" kitchen cabinets and electrical industry development trend.

   In the last month, House had also announced that it will build 7,000 square meters of electrical appliances and intelligent home experience center in Beijing, the North Fourth Ring Road store, the introduction of first-line home appliances brand, and plans within a year complete electrical and intelligent home bodyInspection center complete layout of all the countrys eight stores in Beijing store layout, for two years, to achieve the first goal of the operating area and sales within three years.

   It is reported that many years ago, actually home began to build intelligent home appliances and systems integration professional area, the data show, the first half of this year actually home stores across the country and intelligent home appliances category sales rose 57% . House had asked President Wang Ning, smart home appliances and consumer products to upgrade directly force the point, in recent years the industry has become a hot chase and capital development.

   the next 3 to 5 years and intelligent home appliances industry will be accompanied by consumption upgrade into the outbreak. Easyhome stores in Guangzhou, head of Jia Zhi-bao told reporters: "actually home appliance stores in Guangzhou and intelligent home experience center has been under construction, planned in the first floor of the store, covering 15,000 square meters, display cabinets, electric kitchen and smart home is expected to open early next year to consumers. "

   in addition, the orange home with Suning Tesco announced in April this year for strategic cooperation, Suning Tesco to join efficiency home improvement home orange coalition, the parties jointly launched appliances inclusive package . Orange home improvement home users can buy the whole house brand appliances plus package, plus the purchase price compared to the market price is cheaper by almost 50%.

   "selection of home appliances is a need to spend a lot of effort to do." Orange family CEO Wang Rui said in an interview with reporters, customers tend to waste more time on the selection of appliances, thereby lengthening renovated time. Electrical package launched to help improve user productivity. It is understood that on the basis of the existing packages on home improvement, home Orange will launch the future of different grades of electrical packages, the home improvement and appliances together, perfect bag check packages.

   appliances business early cross-border effects in general

   In fact, household appliances and consumer intersection, can be traced back to the end of the last century. Since 1997, more mature fully competitive home appliance industry giants, such as Haier, Vantage and other areas have to enter the cabinet, opened the home appliance industry prelude to the expansion of the home market. After 2010, this trend is more obvious, including Herbalife, Siemens, Midea, Shuaikang, Rongshida, MACRO more than a dozen brands, in different forms have been involved in the cabinet market.

   a kitchen electric brand leader on condition of anonymity, told reporters the first to test the water of transboundary home to kitchen electric products, and is the main home cabinets, since these two belong to the relevantDiversified layout, "cut into the relatively easier." He said that cross-border kitchen cabinet mainly to see its broad market capacity, "kitchen electric market size of about 100 billion yuan, 300 billion yuan more than in the cabinet, the whole house custom size of between 700 billion to 8000 billion yuan, the entire home market even more up to hundreds of billion dollars. "

   According to the reporter, household electrical appliance enterprises to do the cabinet there are three modes: autonomous, brand output and licensing partnership. Autonomous namely household electrical appliance enterprises set up a separate Cabinet Division, completely autonomous in the original channel basis, the representative of the brand Haier, Vantage, the United States and so on; brand output mode is a household electrical appliance enterprises will cabinetry sector outsourcing, just pure brand borrow, not participate in management, on behalf of the brand Herbalife; licensing partnership that is home appliance brand licensing professional cabinet companies to form joint sales of products form alliances brands, such as Berlin family Siemens, Siemens Wei law.

   However, judging from the market, apparently did not meet expectations. The above set foot in the home appliance giant in the field, and no one really cabinets, home giant par performance. "Appliances transboundary own home do not have substantial progress, this is because the amount from the body, it is a comedy class electric kitchen, home is a big category, a small band big band is not moving."

   [123 ] household appliances industry veteran observers Luo told reporters, whether it is R & D, production processes, or marketing channels, home appliances and household products of these two categories are distinct, long steeped in the current industry of home businesses yet to be done the efforts of all cases, household electrical appliance enterprises to take cross-border alone mode is more difficult to be successful.


   Fusion is trying to open up the industry chain

   "the development of home appliances is earlier than the industry, many companies have the experience of home appliance business, leveraging mutual development." In the National Federation furniture industry Association executive president Zhang Chuanxi opinion, household appliances full channel integration is the development of the industry trend, home appliances iterative updates more frequently than household products, coupled with the daily needs of small appliances, the appliance stores generally denser than the home store flow.

   "Although the follow-up of home appliances is part of the home improvement and appliance stores but more for the complex flow of people, there is a new house to buy home appliances, household appliances or new ones tenements consumers shopped small appliances for household brand can play to a certain drainage effect. in addition, the product is now more and more boundariesFuzzy, the popularity of embedded appliances, such as

   water purifier, water softener, refrigerators, etc., so that consumers in the home improvement when we should consider the purchase of home appliances, home appliance channel supermarkets introduced a rich fusion of home appliances building materials category, again In order to attract traffic. "

   channels complement each statement, CEO Wang Rui got the orange familys identity, he pointed out that" corporate developments divided into two types, one is in the form of improved manner, the other is from change the way the roots. "As the online customer traffic is split down the line, before 10,000 m2 hypermarket home everywhere, look around the newly opened home stores most only 1,000 to 2,000 square meters, the market is constantly changing stage. To root causes to make a change, to seek a 50% chance of survival, you need to think about how to make "1 + 1" to create new value, looking for differences of points of interest.

   Luo also pointed out that, as consumer demand continues upgrade, iteration, and now do not meet a single category of consumers "one-stop" shopping needs, the category of home business you do your utmost to chain horizontal, vertical expansion, it is difficult to survive in the competitive market.

   it is not hard to understand why do begin to do wardrobe cabinets, the next stage is to do the whole house custom, and then followed by a big home category, is finally ready to cut, to provide one-stop service, aimed at achieving consumers bag Check the "demand." this need is through the whole industry chain to get through. "Luo believes that" only home competition in the industry transition from early to middle stage, on revenue of billions of domestic enterprises are still rare, there is a great convergence of home appliances space and opportunity. "

   In recent years, Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area in the drive to create innovative new engine, driven by technological innovation and other resources to gather a lot of focus, mechanism innovation, industrial upgrading talent drainage, collaborative development has brought many opportunities. accordingly, artificial intelligence, talent enabling positive profound impact on the pace of business.

   October 2018 18-19 billion euros will hold the "engine-leading" big Bay Area 2018 in Shenzhen a public international hotspot issues Kechuang Summit, a collection of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent products, smart city, smart security, intelligent transportation started to explore, analyze future trends in science and technology innovation, development opportunities in the inventory of the technological revolution.

   [123 ]

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