The first quarter results fell household electrical applianc
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   time has now entered mid-May, the appliance industry in the first quarter of this year "report card" has been released from the "score" point of view, how a "miserable" Zile. Has announced earnings of 59 listed companies revenue fell 24.2% owned by the parent net profit fell 51.6%. Of course, household electrical appliance enterprises are innovative ideas, live with goods, home appliances and other "tricks" has also been resorted to, analysts believe the new crown pneumonia epidemic raging, or Forced channel reconstruction.

   Q1 results how a "miserable" Zile


   The PRC, market research firm released data show that

   in the first quarter of this year Chinas home appliance market as a whole fell 47.5%, 37.8% decline in the market in which the refrigerator, washing machine market fell 41.3%, 60.8% decline in air conditioning market, water heater market fell 48.4%.


   SWS appliance section 59 listed companies (without double counting B-share data) 2020 first-quarter revenue of nearly 200 billion yuan, down 24.2% owned by the parent net profit of over 8.5 billion yuan, down 51.6%.

   we look at industry leading performance. Nest eggs will survive without hesitation, Midea, Gree, Haier, Chi home in April 30 also announced a quarterly. The performance of the three companies are very bleak first quarter, its net profit decline of 22%, 72%, 50%, belongs to a rare negative growth. Details of view, the US group revenue of 58 billion yuan, down 22.86%, owned by the parent net profit of 4.81 billion yuan, down 21.51%; Gree achieved revenues of 20.395 billion yuan, down 49.7% owned by the parent net profit up to 1.558 billion yuan, down 72.53%; Haier wisdom a house-quarter revenue 43.141 billion yuan, down 11.09 percent owned by the parent net profit of 1.07 billion yuan, down 50.16 percent year on year.

   In addition, Vantage shares the main kitchen electric performance is quite tragic: revenue fell nearly 5 percent, net profit fell 65%; kitchen electrical appliances giant boss revenue and net profit were down about 23% . The industry, the worst decline in the performance of Changhong Meiling, first quarter net profit straight down 546 percent, a loss of 270 million yuan.

  Small household electrical appliance enterprises performance is relatively good, new shares of the main treasure small home appliances ODM / OBM, Q1 of this year, revenue reached 1.956 billion yuan, an increase of 4.05%, owned by the parent net profit of 124 million yuan, an increase of 39.92% , of which domestic revenue grew nearly 57%. Another small electrical appliance enterprises Bear revenue of 739 million yuan, an increase of 17.32%, owned by the parent net profit of 1.03 billion yuan, up 83.66 percent.

   "new tactics" as frequent Loss Reduction


   May 10, Gree Electric chairman Dong Mingzhu is deft in its products with a cargo of live, a total of more than 16 million viewers, up to 100 million people online at the same time. The opening 30 minutes to break sales of 100 million, 100 minutes sales break $ 200 million three hours turnover of 310 million. And this is not the first time Dong Mingzhu, with a cargo of live coverage, as early as April 24, Dong Mingzhu had "emerged" in the vibrato.

   chiefs come forward with a cargo of live has been quite popular during the epidemic, the major brands have sought incremental cloud conference, live sellers and other forms of household electrical appliance enterprises are no exception. Dong Mingzhu that "live with a cargo giving the impression that everyone involved go through a new sales model, allowing more people to more intuitive and quick to learn that products manufactured in China." In fact, the United States, Hisense, Changhong and other brands earlier start to explore the goods live band, but limited themselves household electrical appliances, it is difficult "upper body experience." This makes the appliance brand with a cargo of live television shopping look like a mobile version.

   In addition to changes in the channel, home appliance industry is also the product down the foot work. Under epidemic, consumer health consciousness, for air purifiers and air system, focusing on the needs of sterilization function dishwasher, oven and other products increase, will usher in more. The PRC, according to the latest data, this year 1-16 weeks fresh air volume of retail sales increased by 490.1 percent, "fresh air" air conditioning sterilization, such as self-cleaning function due to the epidemic by consumers attention. Health appliances has become the focus of development effort appliance manufacturers.

   Of course, the policy is also good accumulation. Since May, the Guangdong Province will restart the policy of home appliances, household electrical appliances are given for eight categories of financial subsidy of 5%, 5% corporate subsidies, rural residents to purchase home appliances can enjoy a 10% discount of the retail price of none other. Although onlyIs a regional, but better than nothing.

   these "new tactics" on the one hand is the need for innovation, on the one hand is a last resort, the ultimate goal is to minimize the losses caused by the outbreak.

   or Forced channel reconstruction


   said above is the impact of the epidemic for the home appliance business, but in terms of the home appliance industry, epidemic or Forced home appliances sales channel reconstruction.

   China Center for Information Industry Development released the "first quarter of 2020, Chinas home appliance market report" shows that the first quarter of this year, high-end appliances, small appliances segment features steady growth, small kitchen appliances, health appliances, etc. sales rapidly. At the same time, online retail sales accounted for the proportion of total retail appliance market expanded to 55.8%, for the first time to hold up a network of retail appliance market, "half the sky."

   With the optimization and upgrading services in recent years major platforms and logistics system, so that consumers experience home and enjoy the convenience of purchasing power in the online market is very rapid period by deploying resources efficiently meet the market, and with the Internet of things, cloud computing access development, artificial intelligence, 5G and other high-tech further increase user stickiness, deepen consumer home network share habits. From the data, the case of epidemic prevention and control state unrelenting, live online product demonstrations, New Products have become "compulsory" skills, consumers fingertips complete the order for the promotion of the consumer market have some success .

   China Household Electrical Appliances Business Association Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Jianfeng in an interview said that throughout the appliance industry, the outbreak has brought a series of changes to the layout of future business. In terms of channels, with a cargo of live rise further enhance the proportion of products sold online, the future of online and offline sales structure will further reshape, whether online ratio will be worth more than the next line.

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