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   HC purification first network point of view filter, precision filter on the market from the pre-filter has about 40 to 100 microns, many people think the density of the more dense the better, in fact not the case, to be determined depending on the configuration of your home water purification equipment choose what kind of mesh density.

   If the home is only a pre-filter means to filter coarse impurities at visible yarn mud, rust, bath type, a large class of microorganisms, then selecting some secret screen, after more dense the more filter out impurities. Then choose about 40 microns, less than 40 microns is not recommended, too dense filter will affect the normal use of the water pressure, the water affect the normal life. Generally the old district would do such a configuration.

   If a new house decoration, do small water (drinking straight front +) or flood (front central water + + + Central soft drink straight tip) should be approximately 100 micrometer sieve with more appropriate, so as to ensure the normal use of water pressure in the home. Of course, do not have to worry about impurities in the water, water purification equipment will handle back-end clean.

   are made of PP plastic mesh and 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel three.

   PP mesh texture relatively soft plastic, in order to prevent damage caused by pressure instability, generally will increase the outside layer of plastic mesh protection. Grid will bring a problem, is caught between the screen and the grid is difficult to wash away debris.

   304 food grade stainless steel, the corrosion resistance of more than 316 304. Stainless steel mesh advantage of impurities on a red out, there is a drawback is that the stainless steel mesh patchwork, patchwork pre poor quality will fall to the column collapse when pressure is large, resulting in scrap front. Of course, good quality or durability.

   The second flow point of view, the front of the area and the water flow can be referred to the number of permanent home configuration.

   Common water flow 1 (m鲁 / h) 2 (m鲁 / h) 3 (m鲁 / h)

   The number of applicable permanent 1-2 3-5 5-8 [ 123]

   Housing 120 flat area 80 suitable level above the level of 80-120

   third rinsing, pre generally noConsumables, as long as the periodic flushing it. Rinse cycle based on water quality in your home, it is often easy to wash dirty, but at least once a month. There are manual and automatic rinse rinse two kinds.

   manual flushing is very simple, just pulled the plug, like the red after a minute or unscrew or feel clean it. Pre good manual, manual adjustment comes above date dial, the user record periodic flushing time.

   for automatically flushing more simple and convenient, washed first set period do not have control, occasionally found dirty and to be manually washed. Automatic washing place must have pre-installed power supply and water pipes. High-end residential usually choose automatic.

   In addition to the above factors to select pre speak of three main functions, and some high-end pre-filter, built-in water inlet valve, the effective protection of the machine due to excessive pressure caused damage. A check valve installed product water, the water-stopping prevent accidents due to water intrusion resistant to hot water to damage the device. Such protection both before and after, using them more secure. Also some exterior design, color, ah, ah size, which can be selected according to their preferences.

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