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   At present, it is known as "Pearl River Delta", the number of core areas of "Yangtze River Delta" water purifier manufacturers have more than one thousand, scattered all over the country, large and small brands have as much as one thousand. For franchisees in terms of "squandering charming eyes" water purifier manufacturers, and wish to pick and choose the ideal brand marketing agent, how should I do?


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   First, avoid greed selected brands "big" seeking "foreign"; when looking for franchisees to select the ideal water purification products, companies must see whether reliable brand, whether protected by law, whether they have rich cultural connotations, whether to allow consumers to easy to remember. In short, is it worth the franchisee to invest human and material resources in the local market, money to do promotion, together with the water purifier manufacturers to make bigger long career.

   Second, find the products just to avoid low, covering water purifier ultrafiltration machine, water purifier, energy machine, water softener, etc., in recent years, manufacturers developed a number of patented products or imported Some high-tech products. Not only has the current system is able to drink, the current system is hot, time saving, environmental protection and many other advantages, but also because of its more impressive than the fountain economic benefits, more and more by the majority of appliance manufacturers and distributors of all ages. If you want to join in the local word of mouth marketing to establish and build long-term market, then you must stay away from low-quality low-cost water purification products, because behind low-quality products are low-priced products. The distribution of low-quality products in the modern era is not over the hurdle of consumers, is bound to be a dead end.


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   again, avoid talking about cooperation neglect business ideas; some water purifier franchisee when talking about cooperation with the manufacturers, his eyes staring at her to play some small manufacturers can have more money and to the point of policy, the development of ideas for the most important market, but neglects to mention, the result is often by some non-thinking, non-modal, non-regular factory "policy bullets" hit, which ultimately caused sleepwalk to join the opening, not the operation of the rapid collapse . So, choose a water purifier manufacturers cooperation, not only depends on its brand, but also the development model manufacturers, business ideas and management level. It should be recalled, a key factor in the product highly similar conditions, business ideas can become a win from the competition.

   Fourth, avoid operating in the defensive line to be free; have oversupply, highly competitive era, the vast majority of the industry is no longer thriving past scenery, water purification industry is no exception. Only franchiseeTargeting their marketing target population, with a powerful, accurate, unique way to attract, convince and win the support of the target relative to most consumers, approval, will it be possible to win from fierce competition. If we in the traditional squat shop, keep the shop-style shopkeeper business methods, the result can only be a passive failure or unsatisfactory performance.

   Fifth, avoid small single zero inventory into sales; franchisee-sided pursuit of zero inventory taken of the furniture industry to custom distribution of water purification products, which it is misreading the water purification products, indeed, it will seriously affect their daily business performance. First, consumers are accustomed to multi-spot cash transactions, does not like to wait for a pay should not exclusive supply of products, not to mention some home improvement you need to catch up period, not products, but the preferred stock of the product; Second, appliances If a single purchase, because the volume is too small, the manufacturers can only be entrusted party logistics and distribution delivery, so that is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and often fewer shipments, the easier way to cause damage to the product extrusion. Although multi-party coordination by the manufacturers, although the carrier in order to give the franchisee some compensation, but the coming and going of the transfer replacement process early so that consumers can not afford, and eventually lost because there is no inventory in stock and single, a single run. Therefore, the franchisee must be suitable for the local market kingpin products and commonly used generic products, should establish a moderate inventory, so as not to affect their business performance and efficiency.


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   Finally, avoid small benefit of self-mutilation brand; most aspects of franchisees pitfalls are easily give away their brand positioning and brand-name products of inferior price competition, and the results It is not a small benefit but self-mutilation brand: Notice branded products are high-quality products, which often cost more than brand-name products are clearly inferior ranks high. If the franchisee give up selling high quality brand products, but go with the brand-name product than the price, that is tantamount to disguise admit their product is equivalent to the brand-name products.

   Xiao Bian said: With the water purifier market competition intensified, so as a number of factors not conducive to their development of water purification agents to avoid is always a good thing.

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