Talking about what the role of water purificion technology d
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   With the development of technology of water purification products, to the current development of domestic water purification technology has five generations, each generation has its own place of progress, collected some relevant knowledge, look at it.




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   First, the second generation is activated Purification Technology

   This technique is simple, cost low, mainly used in some backward remote rural areas, the level of awareness of water quality and safety issues in these areas is not high, not enough attention. The first is the second generation of activated carbon water purification technology, can only improve the water heterochromatic odor problems can not remove bacteria, viruses and heavy metals. The main application of this technology is now the first water purifier, the second filter stage, a preliminary filter may be achieved sediment, rust odor removal functions.

   Third Generation purification techniques increase the reverse osmosis membrane or RO membrane filter

   The third generation of the second generation of the first water purification technology is substantially water purification technology, and upgrade improved, increasing the reverse osmosis membrane or RO membrane filter, five filters of traditional technology, which is mainly composed of five filter, reverse osmosis membrane technology is the core of the main or ultrafiltration membrane filter in the RO. The third generation of water purification technology is relatively mature, easy to implement, with the current national water purifier brand basically using third-generation water purification technology, and this technology is also healthy drinking water to meet domestic demand, but the main problem is the frequent filter replacement, or do not retain the minerals or mineral unable to retain the scale and so on. The third generation of water purification technology is the main representative of the United States, Patio, Angel and so on.

   fourth generation of water purification technology is the third generation of water purification technology, an upgraded version of

   to make up for the inadequacies of the third generation, to form a new generation of water purification technology to meet peoples drinking water health at the same time, to remove scale and can retain minerals. The fourth generation of water purification technology is the use of six filters, achieve ten layers of filtration, filtration more fully than the third generation, the effect is even better, purified water healthier and safer. The fourth generation of water purification technology mainly on behalf of the brand ice statue, Hansi Dun and so on. BS-ML300 respect to ice as an example, this is the first fourth-generation using water purification water purification technology, and increasing the multifunctional composite resin filter cartridge (KDF + + activated ball in the third generation mineralized water purification technology based on magnetization ball + ball), in order to achieve the third generation of water purification technology so you can not remove the problem of scale, more in line with consumer not only want to keep minerals andI want to remove the drinking water needs of scale. Ice statue BS-ML300 a listing, broke through the bottleneck of the third generation of sales, sales of leading moderate water purifier brand sales charts, the cost is very high, in line with people Asking price moderate, first-class purifying effect consumer demand.

   Fifth Generation composite ultrafiltration purification is

   This technique combines the advantages of the third and fourth-generation technology, to make up for shortcomings. Composite ultrafiltration technology, a variety of water purification technology integration, integration of a variety of filter, water purification work together more superior performance than the third and fourth generation on strong purifying effect, and is the first filter usage time more than three times the three generations of the fourth generation, customers do not often change the filter, very easy for customers. The fifth-generation technology is the main representative ice statue, ice statue currently only has the advanced water purification technology, and successfully applied ice statue BS-MK800 water purification products; ice statue BS-MK800 ice statue of core products, and more times to obtain water purifier single product sales champion, the use of advanced dual-core filtering technology, fully filter, while avoiding the influence of multi-stage purification of water, fully meet the daily drinking water needs of the people.

   With the development of the times, water purifier water purification technology is constantly upgrading, consumers are often keen to select using the latest technology products, do not worry because the water purification technology behind the various water purifier companies should notice it.

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