Winter maintenance of war purifiers bothyou- With good work
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   winter water purifier how to maintain it? Heres the problem purifier prone and solutions, I hope you share with people use water purifier.



   1, winter Precautions

   winter because the temperature is too low, prone to burst water pipes, water supply pipes occur if the cracking, water supply, Do not use without water during the water purifier (especially non barrels), preferably the water inlet valve can be closed, after the first inflow opening a faucet discharging silt in the water supply line, and then open the inlet valve, let the water purifier work, to avoid the construction process mixed with sediment, rust and other debris into the water purifier, water purifier filter plugging resulting in sewage in a short time, production decreased water flow.

   2 winter prone to the phenomenon

   water production decrease, the greater the temperature of the low-yielding the decrease in water flow due to the viscosity of water affected by temperature, water production is a reverse osmosis membrane will drops, the temperature usually drops per 1 鈩? water production is a reverse osmosis membrane decreased by 3%, yield 50% water in winter the summer water production is about. Wastewater increases, due to the reduced water production, will increase the flow of wastewater, waste water ratio increases, it is normal, when the temperature rise, will reduce waste, increase the productivity of water flow.

   3, the whole antifreeze

   If installed outdoors, antifreeze measures must, without freezing measures may lead to a filter flask, the cracking and other membrane shell, the temperature must be below zero to stop the use of Water Purifier. Installed indoors must ensure that temperature not lower than 0 degrees, because water expands the volume of the solidification process, if the freezing, a direct result of all the lines purifier, filter flask, and other membrane shell will burst resulting in water leakage. Not applicable if a long time to go out or the water purifier, the inlet valve must be closed, the discharge pressure of all the water in the tub, to check whether the normal appearance of the machine before re-use, in order to confirm the normal power supply connected to water, preparation of drained a bucket of water is also recommended.

   4, processing icing encounter

   must be placed before the entire water purifier 10 deg.] C higher than room temperature 48 hours natural thawing can continue to use power during this period is not forced mechanism to open water, start checking whether there is water leakage if water leakage occurs, contact your dealer. If you find unopened reverse osmosisFilm icing occurs, it can be placed in a package together with cold water, soak for 24 hours or more before you can use, not sure if their own time to contact after-sale customer service.

   5, should pay attention to small details

   First, the timely replacement of the filter, replace the water purifier filter long time in talking about the different types of water purification products for the filter replacement cycle is, after all, different filter life there are still differences.

   Second, to avoid high temperature close to the original body heat, such as gas stoves, water heaters, etc., if the long-term by high-temperature baking, plastic parts easily fall slowly coke, affect the service life.

   Third, avoid direct sunlight, no matter what kind of water purification equipment, use should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because sunlight will breed cyanobacteria. Technical staff to remind the public to be on the water purifier properly protected, if must be placed balcony may have direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade cover or baffle near the water purifier, which will play the anti-algae effect.

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