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   With the advances and changes in shopping concept of living standards, more and more home water purifier welcomed by everyone. To you better buy this product home water purifier, fresh water added here to provide you buy five trick!



   to distinguish the type of water purifier

   water and the ultrafiltration market different machines are currently popular product home water purifier, ultrafiltration water machine and only in the fourth cartridge filtration accuracy different higher filtration accuracy of pure water.

   The first three of the prefilter cartridge, the fourth filter element is a cartridge filter membrane, ultrafiltration membrane filtration unit is an ultrafiltration membrane (UF membrane), a pure water filtration membrane compared with a reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane), and finally a post-filter for the primary in order to improve the water taste.

   the RO membrane

   Generally, ultrafiltration water machine and can effectively filter out the water of bacteria, viruses, pesticides, organic matter, minerals and heterochromatic odor, and water machine can filter out heavy metals in water on this basis.

   water and the water purifier ultrafiltration unit without heating the filter have to be drinkable. Ultrafiltration machine and water machine is a high water purification products, water purifier ultrafiltration machine than the price a little expensive.

   have to buy as much as possible wading approval of the product

   The current market numerous kinds of water purifier brand, buy a water purifier when sure to ask whether there is wading approval. Now some small brands are not wading approval, the water quality can not be guaranteed. Like Ding US water purification products are all wading approval, can be found on the Ministry of Health website.

   in the store to buy

   While making a purchase online, there may be some preferential price, butCan not blindly choose the price, buy a water purifier will depend on product quality and after-sales, it is recommended to buy branded products at a local store. In this way, quality and after-sales are more secure.

   understand the quality of their own home

   Advisory what kind of water purifier sales staff only for their own home, a different selection of different water quality Water Purifier. Or check online clear, so do not buy their own home water purifier.

   Use according to specific selection

   If only as a daily drinking water (including tea, coffee, cooking, porridge, soup, etc. edible), can be selected under the kitchen machine with reverse osmosis membrane element.

   If water is used as wash, wash, for example, bathing, washing, etc., is required sufficient product water production, for example, can be placed in the bathroom of the central water purifier (KDF plus activated carbon ) or central water softener.

   If it is placed in the living room may be considered vertical straight drink machine, convenient and style, while the water valve at a pre-filter can be installed to protect the All home water purification devices and faucets. After

   I believe we carefully attend the top five trick can be aware of home water purifier on the market, it will not be "squandering For beautiful eyes" .

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