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   HC clean water quality in water issues, has been the focus of attention in our lives, in the last century 80 years, the water quality is still very good, but in such an era has been born "water companion" shows that problems with the current health concern water quality is good or bad in itself does not have much relationship.

   in the course of ages, tap water, bottled water, drinking fountains and other emerging, indeed to some extent, improved the human environment of water, but its inevitable pipeline of secondary pollution, secondary water supply pollution, toxic barrels events successive exposure, people began to place their hopes on a water purifier, today gave us something about the real Yang Electrical water purifier in the end how to solve the problem of water pollution!

   Why bottled water is no longer popular?

   In fact, bottled water is prone to secondary pollution, not to mention one of the substandard and toxic barrels event. CCTV before a large truth-seeking program, Is it true? "Just done such an experiment, three days after the opening of bottled water found where pollutants will seriously overweight, not up to standards for drinking water!

   body to help us filter out what?

   body composition a very sophisticated "instruments", so when we enter the body of the drinking water is not so clean, our bodies begin filtering.

   After the chlorinated water, it is possible to kill viruses, bacteria, but not made to remove scale, heavy metals, and other volatile materials, coupled with municipal pipes disrepair which various contaminants, rust exceeded. After reaching the water district high-rise building secondary water supply was contaminated chess again, so that it is no longer qualified. So our bodies to help us filter out chlorine, heavy metals, rust and so a series of pollutants!

   water purifier can help us to filter out much of harmful substances?

   as an effective method for household water treatment, water purifier and has been recognized, accepted by most consumers purifier main function is to tap water due to pipeline and secondary water supply problems caused by pollution to filter out impurities, allowing water to return to its essence! According to the relevant experimental data show that a qualified water purifier in the case of the timely replacement of the filter, can be about a yearIn order to help you filter out these substances!

   to about 2600 mg of rust, 10 years is 26 000 mg

   to about 9600 mg organics (twenty-two pesticide), 10 years is 96 000 mg (2 pounds of pesticides)

   about 500 sediment impurities mg, 10 mg is 5000

   lead about 4 mg, 10 years is 40 mg. (Lead exceeded nervous system injuries, mental retardation children, leading to senile dementia)

   you do not have a water purifier, how much garbage each year to drink, you know?

   Therefore, water purifiers can help us to be able to intercept a lot of pollutants, because the real Yang Electrical recommended to install a water purifier at home, if you like turbid water, friends can choose RO reverse osmosis water purifier, you can drink straight, like a boil the RO and UF machines can, of course, conditional friends can also choose whole house water purification whole house water softener and to improve the quality of their lives!


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