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  Water purifier for tap water nitrosamines in the end there is no use? Publish Web Site: www.watersz.com Published: 2016-10-24

   Recently, a Tsinghua University on research after the release of water, the topic of "tap water contains carcinogens" subject to heated debate on the network. At the same time there has been a series of articles about the tap water nitrosamines "carcinogenic", led to public concerns about the safety of drinking water to some extent.

   Environmental Institute of Tsinghua University Associate Professor Chen Chao and his team drinking water safety survey, toxic substances in drinking water effects - dimethyl nitrosamine (a nitrosamine substances species) the highest concentration. "To my surprise findings: First, so many kinds, and second, high concentration than imagined." This is also an important reason concerns the two initiators. From the perspective of calm, whether it is the substance of nitrosamines, or more than nitrosamines in drinking water or "cancer" of the event, we should be rational knowledge, trying to find a solution.


   What is nitrosamines?

   Nitrosamines are a potent carcinogen, it is one of the most important chemical carcinogens, is one of the four food contaminants. Food, cosmetics, beer, cigarettes contain nitrosamines. In December smoked foods contain large amounts of nitrosamines, certain gastrointestinal tumors, such as the number of nitrosamines incidence of esophageal cancer in dietary intake related.

   Nitrosamines Hows that?

   Indeed, the material before nitrosamines body nitrite, nitrate and amine ubiquitous in food. For example, the average content of nitrite in vegetables about 4mg / kg, meat about 3mg / kg, eggs about 5mg / kg, and the average content of soybean meal up to 10mg / kg, the average content of the pickles is also in 7mg / kg or more. Most nitrites into the body with the urine excreted, will not cause harm to humans. Only under certain conditions, precursor will react nitrosamines.

   nitrosamines in drinking water come from?

   According to the report, the source of nitrosamine can be seen that there are two ways in drinking water: water pollution is a the other is DBPs.

   Next, the associate professor Chen Chao three important results of the investigation of nitrosamines in drinking waterStart, distributed interpretation. In simple terms, causing nitrosamines diverse, high concentrations of nitrosamines Yangtze River Delta region most at risk because the word can explain: Because China is a species-rich, densely populated East, developing countries.


   1. The influence of the rich diversity of species nitrosamines

   According to statistics, Chinas biodiversity ranks No. 8 in the world, ranking the Northern Hemisphere 1st. So rich in species, providing a natural living environment for the nitrosamine precursor substances nitrite, nitrate and amines. Diversity of bacterial species also determines the muster nitrosamine generation, enough fungal species easier to form a variety of nitrosamine compounds.

   2. Nitrosamines eating habits increase the concentration of

   Asians and Westerners eating habits significantly different, Westerners like to eat fresh food, eat heavier taste of Oriental, storage of food. Just Chinese peoples diet and preference for high nitrosamine content of foods, such as the Northeasts spicy cabbage, pickles, sauerkraut and bacon southwest of the southern central region contains large amounts of nitrosamines. When making these pickles sewage into the water circulation system will cause some degree of tap water contamination.


   In addition to the preserved food, Chinese food additive use a large amount. And the food additive component is a nitrate substance before sub nitrosamine formation is a big hidden nitrosamines. Nitrosamines above two diets produced once into the water system, give drinking water poses a potential danger.

   3. Why Yangtze Delta highest concentration

   should have the highest concentration of nitrosamines Yangtze Delta two reasons, first, the region at the end of the Yangtze River Yangtze of pollutants upstream of the continue to accumulate and gathered here, together with local economic development, population density, pollution and more, eventually leading to the area tap water nitrosamines ones; secondly, according to statistics nitrosamines used to make fuel , while China as a developing country, every year the production of a large number of textile, clothing, in particular, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta is Chinas silk village, nitrosamines per year used for water pollution is very large.

   In addition to water pollution, there is an important way to disinfect water is generated nitrosamines, direct access to theResidents tap water. As mentioned above, the formation of nitrosamines in some conditions, this material body nitrite, nitrate, the inlet water, amines, nitrosamines will react under the action of chlorine, so experts said more nitrosyl amines "disinfection by-products."

   water purifier to nitrosamines in the end there is no use?

   these days on nitrosamines news everywhere, some articles show that tap water nitrosamines "carcinogenic", some say not to worry. Regardless of the argument, it was indicative of the fact that tap water has nitrosamines. Moreover, water to drink something into the body and is the most we eat everyday ingredients. Now that the increasing popularity of home water purifier useful for nitrosamines do? You can not completely remove it?

   In fact, Tongji University and Shanghai Municipal Design Institute have made some research on this, according to their findings, activated carbon, microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis have a certain effect on the removal of NDMA, removal between about 10 to 60% (according to the molecular weight of NDMA, these may be removed immune, NDMA but in fact does not exist alone in the water, a considerable portion of the other larger molecular weight stuff hugged, they were together removed). Most of the water purifier integrated microfiltration, activated carbon, reverse osmosis and other processes, under the combined effects, should be higher than 60% removal.

   Of course, through the storm, so that people more aware of the nature of water, not simply by people with a look, smell can judge the quality of tap water. People are not only concerned about their own tap water concentration of nitrosamines, and in the end the degree of harm to the body, are more concerned about what technology can solve this problem, let the people of drinking water safety worries.

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