Toxic ABS plastic cups do
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   ABS plastic cups poisonous? Because we know very little about ABS plastic cups, I do not know how to answer, or invited to reveal the answer.




2020-06-04 small series designed to test everyones knowledge of plastic cups, do not underestimate this little plastic Oh, it learned a great deal. There are many plastic cups, careful people will find the bottom of the plastic cup logo, the logo representing the different materials. So the question is who can answer these questions.


ABS plastic cups poisonous it? ABS plastic cups synthetic resin is an ABS, the ABS resin is the main characteristic of having a good impact resistance, heat resistance and also has a certain, relatively easy in processing time processing, can produce relatively stable, relatively smooth surface of the product, it is a good one material. ABS plastic has some toxicity, but not very serious, this has some toxic material that can take certain measures can wear masks, masks with two layers, the outside layer is wet, which is dry, so can effectively prevent the toxic substances into the respiratory system to the outside. ABS resin is a high melt index, much higher than 100 degrees, and we need to nearly 200 degrees to melt it on the extruder ,, but also ensures high molecular weight homeostasis, plastic cup to drink water is safe. As there are no toxic ABS plastic cups Xiao Bian is not good to jump to comments, or ask a professional to test it.


The above is ABS plastic cups have not toxic to summarize, we can reference. If you want to know what the safest drinking cup, please pay attention to our next little knowledge of family drinking, I believe you will find the answer in the study.




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