Water purifier market by consums, the introduction of new pr
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  Water purifier market by consumers, Tim net water purifier launch of new products: Tim net water purification Views: 412 Published: 2017-8-11 10:28:23 RO reverse osmosis membrane straight drinking water machine is widely people love water purification products, a wide audience, using a large amount of market share is the largest water purification products. The line of reverse osmosis water purifiers among 50 gallons products are still an important market, accounting for 32.2% of retail sales, an increase of 9.3%, but 400 gallons more than the amount of goods and the share has reached 52% volume share of 37%, of which 400 gallons products accounted for more than 35.4%, an increase of 95.9%, 500 gallons, 600 gallons, 800 gallons, respectively, accounted for more than 5.9%, 8.0%, 2.1%, an increase of 513%, 39% and 27% respectively. In addition to product technical features, the appearance of color values 鈥嬧€媜f water purification products are increasingly subject to the users attention, but also from competition between enterprises launched from the inside out. Online under water machine market, in 2016 the bulk of the machine, van machine, square machine accounting for respectively 52.3%, 41.0%, 4.3%, up respectively 26.2%, 38.0%, 148.7%, from the three types of As can be seen year on year, the van looks more beautiful machine, square machine more and more favored by the users, while the launch of the product from the market point of view, van machine has become the brand of high-end products; square machine fashion, beauty, multi-brand high-end products. Water purification industry in 2016 continued to shock the good momentum of development, to further clarify the development of the industry, reverse osmosis, high-throughput, high-value products has become the key word Yan development of the industry. Tim net water purifier momentum to launch TZ-HRO1, TZ-HRO2, TZ-HRO3, TZ-HRO4, TZ-HRO5 seize the market high, as water purifier enterprises to maintain a good competitive edge and work hard.

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