Victor takes you to learn more about magnetic water purifier
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   I believe that many consumers buy water purifier, when has heard of magnetic water purifier. But the use of such water purifier and function, most people know little about. Today, Victor purifier manufacturers came to tell you about some of the methods used in the case of magnetic water purifier and working principle, hope can help to you.

   What is magnetic water purifier?

   magnetic water purifier apparatus is a fluid magnetized magnet fixing structure assembly, a metal outer shell, both ends of the high-density fine machined nut. Mainly in its interior a set of computer simulation can be docked combining the symmetrical and a guide means has an inner layer of the magnet block, which was placed in a mold to be coated with a soft plastic, thereby enabling the magnet and the permeable mass integrally form a coated layer composed of a magnetized state monomer, and a gap is formed in the middle of the magnet with the magnet blocks which block the water passage gap. Such a device effectively prevent fouling of pipelines and eliminate red rust phenomenon.

   magnetic water purifier features

   magnetic water purifier capable of scaling, fouling, corrosion, separation of purification, sterilization and other functions. Water is generally considered the main magnetic treatment system is to accelerate crystallization of the internal solution. Thereby greatly reducing the direct crystallization of salts and heating surface deposition of hard, anti-scaling functions. Studies have shown that, with the scale inhibition magnetic field strength, the degree of supersaturation, the flow rate and the like and various ions in solution are closely related. With the development of science and technology, magnetic water treatment technology as a non-toxic, pollution-free water treatment technology.

   The use of magnetic water purifier

   When the switch to the "magnetized water" position, the water does not flow through the filter media and, after magnetic treatment effluent directly. This gear magnetized water for daily life use, vegetables, washing dishes without detergent, disinfectant, etc. can also be cleaned very clean, to avoid detergent, disinfectant detergent products on the human body.

   When the switch to the "magnetic water purifier" position, water flows through the filter and the filter, and after the magnetization process effluent. Magnetic nano metal clusters water purification filter and activated carbon filter, the water may be completely filtering parasites, and other suspended sediment contaminants effectively remove bacteria, algae, chlorine and soluble heavy metal ions harmful for you vegetables, wash rice, cooking, soup, tea and so provide a safe and healthy drinkWater, but it can also provide you wash your face, brush your teeth to provide clean water for the wash.

   magnetic water purifier some of the works and methods of use of such knowledge described here, and I think we all have them have a basic understanding, Victor purifier hope this introductory article be able to help you very much.

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