Water tax to expand aroundhe pilot year, experts say should
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   "Economic Information Daily" reporters recently in Hebei water resources tax pilot case study found that since July 2016 water tax levy, tax revenues increased significantly, water tax levy before the levy of five, Hebei province to declare water tax more than 700 million yuan. At the same time, a number of reform Forced companies to reduce access to groundwater, changing water use, water-saving measures to take effect initially apparent.

   Reporters also learned from the industry, at the national level will assess Hebei pilot experience summary, the pilot will be extended around the water tax during the year. Some places are already actively preparing to declare. Industry experts point out, it should be considered water resources and industrial structure, improve the system of local convergence is likely to include this round to expand around the pilot.

   open source Hebei tax revenues increase significantly

   July 1, 2016, China formally open water tax pilot, in view of access to water resources involves a wide range, the situation is complex, to ensure a smooth and orderly reform implementation, carried out the first and only pilot of a water tax in Hebei Province. Specifically, the Hebei water resources tax reform to take the way, the surface water and groundwater into the scope of taxation, to introduce a flat from the taxable amount of high-water industry, ultra-planned water and access to over exploitation of groundwater in the groundwater, an appropriate increase in the tax standard, normal production and living water to maintain the existing burden unchanged.

   After the Hebei water resources tax reform, tax revenues increased significantly. "Economic Information Daily" reporters learned from the Local Taxation Bureau of Hebei Province, water tax levy before the levy of five, the province a total of 13,325 taxpayers water resources, water tax declaration over 700 million yuan, 793 million total quantity of water tax cubic meter. Where the surface water 087 million yuan, accounting for 12% of total returns, groundwater 633 million yuan, accounting for 88% of the total declared.

   Statistical analysis showed that water resources tax revenue compared with the original water resource fee income obviously on a higher level. For comparison, in 2015 the average monthly Hebei water resources fee income 078 million yuan, after the reform of water tax monthly income 143 million yuan, over the past three years the average monthly water resource fee income increased by 065 million yuan, an increase of 83%.

   It is understood that to achieve income for two main reasons: First, the policy of income. While reforming the tax reform, increase the access to groundwater, overexploitation of regional water and charged at the standard high water companies to increase their income. Second, management of income. After the implementation of tax reform, tax GangEnhancements, levied strictly in accordance with the rate of increase of the tax warehouse.

   Specifically, the "before and after the reform of the tax burden on water resources change the overall performance of the three by three levels, in line with the overall policy designed." Hebei Province Local Taxation Bureau chief economist Zhu Qingyu said, "Three Increases" and that is extraction of groundwater corporate tax increase, over exploited corporate tax increases, the special industry tax burden; "three level" is the burden of the residents living water flat, normal business was essentially flat water burden, the burden of agricultural water unchanged.

   He also said, "tax reform to increase revenue is not the ultimate goal of the reform is mainly to crack the waste water scarcity and coexistence of chronic illness, meaning greater than the regulation of the financial significance of the early reform of the income increase is a normal phenomenon, with after the enterprises to increase water conservation efforts, tax revenue will be showing a gradual decline. "

   Forced saving effect began to show

   case from water tax levy of more than six months look, some of the reform Forced companies to reduce access to groundwater, changing water use, water-saving measures to take effect initially apparent, the overall effect of policies show "three Forced two upgrade."

   First of all, taking the amount of the differential rates of groundwater Forced steadily. Reform increased the tax burden groundwater and surface water is poor. To reduce costs, some companies began to adjust the structure of water, reduce access to groundwater. As in groundwater over exploited Tangshan Sanyou Group, this production is mainly the extraction of groundwater, before every cubic meter of water resources fee to pay 2 yuan; after the water resource tax reform, as companies adopt water area belonging to the ultra-serious groundwater in Hebei Province mining areas, each cubic meter of water will pay the water tax is 6 dollars, the tax standard three times faster than the original water resource fee. After the reform of the public enterprise access network, groundwater usage increased from 60% before reform after reform dropped to 8.7%. Langfang Sanhe bath industry have been changed to use tap water, not groundwater pumping.

   a Director of the Inland Revenue Department tax administration would Hebei Province High People said that after the tax reform, continue to strengthen the collection and management, in the case of tax households monthly growth, groundwater abstraction falling instead of rising, the use of groundwater has been effectively controlled, it reached a preliminary target inhibition groundwater overdraft.

   Second, a substantial increase in tax special industry Forced change water use. Especially the big water the golf course was significantly, almost all golf courses are beginning to change the way water Hebei Province, miningTake measures to intensive water.

   In addition, the cost of water increases Forced high water consumption of industrial enterprises to strengthen water-saving measures. After the reform, iron and steel, cement, chemical high-water industry is facing a significant increase in the cost of water pressure. Collection of water tax, forcing steel companies have increased investment in water-saving and environmental protection facilities, equipped with advanced sewage treatment and water recycling systems.

   On the other hand, water tax reform to promote the water tax collection and management level of water resources "double upgrade." Zhu Qingyu said that close coordination of fiscal, tax, water conservancy departments, established a number of mechanisms work together to build a "water approval, tax returns, tax collection, joint supervision, information sharing" cohabitation multi-sectoral management model, formed a management together.

   "in efforts to tax reform before fees, no big efforts to collect taxes, charges high fees if he can bargain with you, but after the tax reform, we strictly enforce the tax laws, we can say that the whole coverage, as long as he is with water, we will impose the full amount in full. "Tangshan Nanpu economic Development Zone local Taxation Bureau Director Su Guangyuan said.

   to expand around the year will increase water tax pilot

   in accordance with the recently issued "2017 the provinces water resources management points" in Hebei Province in 2017 will continue to deepen reform pilot water tax, study and formulate supporting policies, introducing a comprehensive over-represented agricultural water water tax; complete access to water information management system upgrade, and strive to seamlessly connect with the non-farm water monitoring system, water metering automation; pilot policy evaluation, summed up the reform pilot experience.

   Industry experts pointed out that water resources tax reform, to take advantage of tax leverage to regulate water demand, effectively strengthen water conservation, promote sustainable use of water resources. While promoting enterprises to change the mode of production. In Hebei pilot, it is to take the lead in the pilot areas tax clearance fee established for the country to improve the resource tax system test, the road trip.

   in accordance with the path planning of resource tax reform, based on the experience on the conclusion of the pilot, the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation will choose other provinces to gradually expand the scope, conditions are ripe in the country open. Reporters learned that the pilot tax on water resources in Hebei Province will carry out third-party assessment, after the assessment is completed, will choose the right place to expand the pilot during the year.

   pilot who is actively preparing to declare water tax where people sue Department of FinanceV "Economic Information Daily" correspondent, is now actively preparing to make the connection and, for included in the pilot. The core principles of tax reform or panning, but for the over-exploitation of groundwater, but also on the direction of measures. He also noted that water resource tax reform to the local tax department put forward new requirements, specifically: "Technology department of administration should be in place; the levy and provincial governments at all levels should straighten out the chain of interest, do not fight; the original system and the new system to converge. in addition, the fee goes after tax, public revenue into the overall arrangement, there is certainly a benefit of re-configuration, this should straighten out. "

  " water tax to expand around the pilot is necessary. "Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Financial strategy Research Associate Chiang Chen to" economic Information Daily "correspondent said, although water resources are renewable resources, but the country as a whole or water-scarce countries. Water resource tax included in the scope of taxation, are in line with my countrys national conditions, for the optimal use of water resources is of great significance.

   specifically to expand around the site selection incorporated, Chiang Chen said, to consider the situation of water resources and industrial structure. Water tax function is to adjust the structure of water, water conservation, building eco-friendly model of economic development. In his view, "the relative scarcity of water resources, emphasis on the industrial structure of the region to promote the effect of the reform will be more apparent."

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