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  During use household water purifiers, one of the problems users are most afraid of is the home water purifier water leakage. As the case of household water purifiers water leakage or rupture caused by flooding, the house is a lot, so in the course of a home water purifier must prevent the leakage problem. 鍗庡皵搴锋暀浣?瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒濡備綍閬垮厤婕忔按闂

   Household water purifiers leakage reasons:

   1, household water purification improperly installed

   erector or installer own non-standard, such as the cap is screwed tight or too Song, if there is no tape or the like when the raw material around the line connection, forget pads, and other parts and the like when mounting the seal. To avoid household water purifiers water leakage problems caused by this situation, it is imperative to Install shut. Try to find a professional to install the service and installed after the workers demands for household water purification pipeline pressure test. If their installation must read the instructions detailed in the specified order and method of operation, the installation is preferably also used for testing. There is to detect water pressure during installation, if the pressure is too large, install a pressure reducing pump if necessary.

   2, household water purification product quality

   is mainly connector (connector), a lot of low quality, durable, resistant to changes in pressure, not water hammer impact resistance, easy leakage. There PE pipe, some manufacturers to produce poor quality, through the heart of a good, non-uniform wall thickness, and therefore no pressure. Some plastic cartridge housing production back to the material, mixed waste, very crisp, no pressure, not durable, easy to crack in winter. To prevent this cause of household water purifiers leakage problem, the best way is to choose to ensure product quality, the strength of large regular brand.

   1 - M brand history

   - M - professional household water purifiers leading brand of CCTV broadcasting brand strength, household water purification industry leader. Hua Kang water purifier manufacturers, founded in 1999, focused on clean water for 17 years, has been producing products of excellence, constantly improve the service, the intentions of building the brand, and always positive innovation. - M has a sound marketing network system and information management system, from appliance chain stores, department stores, building materials market, business channels to all levels of brand stores, dealers, formed a sales network has tens of thousands of terminals and distribution systems sales channel.

   2. Improve the service

   - M each agents and franchisees to provide good after-sales service, return policies, productsDoes not guarantee the return of merchantability, ad-supported forceful, known as the water purification industry influence brand. 24-hour service hotline, solve after-sale problems, so that all Hua Kang water purifiers users really enjoy dual headquarters and local personalized service! Meanwhile a series of incentives for companies to adopt, is to increase the faithful service free of charge the pay return!

   3 - M independent of the size of the plant

   water purifier manufacturers have independence and the scale of the water purifier production of industrial park to strictly control the quality of water purification products. For example, Steven Waugh in Shenzhen has 50,000 square meters of independent industrial park, there are experimental center, injection molding workshop, film workshop volume, filter workshop, machine workshop, testing workshop, each department workshops carry out their duties, only to ensure that water purification products flaws do not appear. Hua Kang water purification professional document.

   4 - M a professional water purification approval document

   have the independence and the scale of production of industrial park water purifier enough it? No production permit this document, this document and other related health this document. Health indicators of drinking water, process, water purification products tested so no one can imagine, the business sector product quality or the health sector. Because

   Here, there is no relevant documents relating to the water purifier is not sold on the market, could not be selected. According to statistics, the market water purifier manufacturer more than more than 3,000, to obtain the relevant approvals of less than 800, therefore, to this document as a filter criteria, you can exclude a large portion of the net

   water heater manufacturers.

   5, if there is a strong R & D capability

   most consumers grass is always greener mentality, therefore, in order to attract more consumers, water purification agents will continue to introduce new products, maintain long-lasting competitiveness. However, if there is not a new water purification agent can decide, depending on the agent and the water purifier manufacturers. Water purifier manufacturers only focus on R & D and innovation, have the ability to continue to introduce new products. In order to maintain the industrys leading research and development capabilities, Steven Waugh has the industrys most central water purification research center in Shenzhen, and to invest a lot of money into the new water purification technology and new product development.

   6, Hua Kang water purifier dedicated 17 years

   water purifier manufacturers are independent of the size of the plant, and obtained the relevant approval document enough? Obviously not enough, it is to look atNot a professional production of water purifiers. After all, in the current flourishing of water purification industry, every industry wants to have a share, therefore, the production of water purifier in addition to - M such a professional water purifier manufacturer, as well as comprehensive like Haier, Midea appliance manufacturers, and even such as Amways health care products manufacturers.

   Shenzhen, water purification agents to find - M, 17 years of brand trusted! Purifier manufacturer shall, through innovation, to further activate the demand, the release of the consumption potential and actively participate in social public will to protect consumers rights support operations. By upgrading product quality, consumer knowledge of popular science, by increasing the variety, brand win a larger consumer market. Hua Kang water purifiers not only has a group of its own research team members, but also among active part in public welfare. And in order to further enhance the companys brand image, but also hired a well-known Chinese music singer Timi spokesmen for the image!

   understand Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click on 鍗庡皵搴? width=

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