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   We all know that filtered water bottle is mainly used to remove impurities in the water, but very few people know what filter kettle water treatment principle is it? Let Xiaobian to brief about it.




cartridge filter kettle generally have been silver treatment, the aim of using silver ion sterilization, antibacterial, ensure the quality of health and safety, and that filter kettle daily how to maintain it? During use of the filter in the kettle, the kettle must avoid net body near high temperature heat source, such as cooker, etc., because the water purifier housing is a new food grade material, easily damaged by high temperature, can severely reduce the life of the net kettle; while also avoid net kettle from direct sunlight, because clean water jug 鈥嬧€媜f water exposed to sunlight breeding ground for germs, cause harm to human health, while regular filter cleaning kettles, lets take a look at the principle of it filtered water filter kettle .


have been 130 degrees high temperature sterilization before every one filter factory, and comply with food-grade certification most authoritative inspection agency TUV of Germany, the most secure quality. By a double filter cartridge "antibacterial activated carbon" "sodium-ion-exchange resin," and the composition can provide a complete cross filter effect.


Antibacterial active carbon: odor deodorant experts effectively remove water such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticides and other organic pollutants.


no sodium ion exchange resin: water softening experts in lime (calcium and magnesium ions), an inorganic heavy metals (lead, copper) and other pollutants can be effectively removed, live in hard water areas the user can immediately appreciate the significant effect.


special filter before and after the first layer: can remove particulate impurities of various sizes


The second layer of silver activated: can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. Remove chlorine, pesticides, and other organic pollutants.


The third layer of the sodium-free ion exchange resin: calcareous can effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions, and heavy metals, lead and copper, etc., while retaining the beneficial minerals edema, will not be released and result in high salt blood pressure and kidney damage.


The method of using the filter kettle:


1, the cold water into a clean kettle, the MAXTRA cartridge immersed in cold water, and gently shaken to remove the dress. Remove the filter, when exposed to see a small amount of toner, the water can be drained.


2, the filter cartridge into the bottle container, it snaps firmly into place.


3, the lid opening means tap water inlet cold water directly injected into the filter kettle.


4, filtered twice to go through in order to activate the filter, filtered water drained twice before, when the third filter, you can enjoy a cleaner, tastier Pitt Zander filter water.


5, the timer on the lid open, long hold the "Start (Start)" button for about six seconds, until the full grid princess, Haig represents a week.


These are the principles of water treatment and filtration filter kettle kettle Xiaobian to introduce the proper use, if you feel that these words of introduction is not comprehensive enough, but also to learn more families drinking little knowledge, then continue to browse other sections of this site content bar.




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