Thirteen Five Plan should be shipped first to introducwater
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   At present, Chinas economic development has entered a new normal, the specific performance of the economic slowdown, economic growth mode is changed, November 3, "National Economy and Social Development 10th Five-Year Plan of three recommendations "(hereinafter referred to as: recommendations) have taken advantage of publishing, document drawn picture of a new five-year development of Chinas future, to the Chinese social and economic development pointed out the direction, then," What thirteen five "of content? Water purifier how companies need to deploy in order to maintain market position?



   concept to the development of the five water purification industry important revelation proposed draft

   The announcement of the proposed innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing the development concept. These five development concept, the "Thirteen Five" as well as our longer term development of ideas, direction of development, embodies the focus of development, but also embodies the reform 30 years experience in the development of Chinas opening up, Chinas development reflects our partys law the new understanding.

   For China water purifier industry, the development of these five concepts still apply. Environmental protection, intelligence, the Internet will cover the future direction of the water purifier, innovation is a very important productivity in the production technology and manufacturing technology as well as management needs constant innovation, from the current situation of China water purifier industry point of view , innovation is not enough. Green, needless to say, with the continuous development of society, people are increasingly high for the health, environmental protection requirements, this is not just a top-down decree requirements, but will be a bottom-up way of life , so environmental water purifier is particularly important, green production methods will also be an important way to achieve water purification and environmental protection. Coordination, openness, sharing is the mainstream consciousness of our time, in the face of todays tide of the Internet and conservative and conformist already can not adapt to the times, therefore, want to achieve development, we must know how to open, know how to coordinate, but also to know how to share it also gives China water purifier industry has very important implications, positive communication will become an important part of enterprise development.

   taking the lead water purification industry to actively seek development

   In fact, many people have already realized that the water purifier current society is in what stage of development. They know how to adapt to the times, to keep long-term development. In environmental protection, smart, on Internet channels, many water purifiersBrand is constantly moving in this direction of development. In recent years, the industry has organized many positive and useful dialogue, some excellent institutions and the media industry is also working to promote the development of the industry, to identify problems of development, joint problem solving through communication has become China water purifier an industry norm.

   is a developing country unchanging theme, how to adapt to the times for the industry, how to start from the inside of optimization requires the joint efforts of industry itself. In "Thirteen Five" is about to open the occasion, China will be faced with many new opportunities and challenges, China water purifier industry also should learn how to grasp the pulse of the times in the new competitive environment, which have their own era.

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