Run endless, spring for five consecutive years to hand in Ya
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  Run endless, spring for five consecutive years to hand in Yangzhou International Marathon

   Author: Ma Ying-jeou

   2020-04-17 Source: Original Springs to

   April 19, 2015 the morning of the tenth Yangzhou Jianzhen international half marathon (referred to Jan Mayen) firing started running marathons in the newly built park, from 43 countries and regions, 243 cities, 123 domestic and foreign universities, 403 community of 35,000 contestants where 64 top international athletes, professional athletes 72 people. In the huge roar of helicopters, the 2015 China Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon shock departure scene, the CCTV broadcast high-definition aerial shots show in front of television viewers in more than 50 countries and regions.



   Young horse before the start of day, the organizing committee held the first athletes meet the media, nearly 20 of the worlds top marathon athletes and attend an interview, international flag events and the degree of standardization is rising. Just ten years, Jan horse has won three consecutive IAAF Gold Label event, the national gold medal in the marathon race honorary title, twice won the national sports tourism boutique items, the top ten national sports tourism events.


   Eritrean athlete Engu Zha from 2013 to participate in three consecutive Jan Mayen, respectively, finished runner-up, winner, runner-up. Talking about the feelings of the event, Engu Zha said: "Young horses I have participated in all kinds of marathon the most special one, this is a sporting spirit and the spirit of Jianzhen fusion of races, on both sides of the track , historical and modern buildings blend. beautiful city, superb levels of organization, volunteers and thoughtful service, worthy of standard gold standard events. "

   is so top international events naturally attracted a lot Sponsors of well-known brands, including special steps, Chinese sound Valley, China Life Insurance, spring, the JMC and so on. 2015-year investigation by the layers of the organizing committee, spring to beat a number of domestic water purification Group counterparts, made Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon (hereinafter referred to as Young horse race) exclusive supplier qualification again.


   since the spring of 2011 to sponsor Young horse race for five consecutive years in the field for all participating 35,000 athletes drinking water services, being persistent spring to do their public service activities. Chuen has for Yaan earthquake, Wenchuan earthquake donation of hundreds of million water purification equipment drinking water for disaster relief support; springs to love public campaigns are still held in the country, to contribute their efforts to improve peoples quality of drinking water.

   Jan Mayen never stop the spirit of the marathon and spring to the pioneering spirit of innovation that can be highly integrated. "Improve water quality, to serve the community," the mission is destined to come to spring will not stop, will spring to continue its efforts to be the next speaker horse contest sponsor, is participating horse faithful to provide drinking water services. Quans goal is to continue to sponsor the next five years, Yang horse contest, do spring to charity.

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