Stainless steel tea cup harm
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   stainless steel cup to drink we all know there is no harm to the body, then the stainless steel tea cup harm you have, any stainless steel tea cup hazards are those?




seasons, no matter what the season have occasional seasonal tea market, tea lovers are many people in the north had to give up the most elegant kind of way, chose to use the most ground gas stainless steel cups to make tea, tea with stainless steel cup, okay? stainless steel tea cup hazards are those? what kind of cup to drink the safest? together to focus on these small household drinking water knowledge.


using a new stainless steel cup inside Paoshang tea cup tightly, still stored for 72 hours. After 72 hours, open the stainless steel cups, cups flip found that the inner wall of the cup has to be clear signs of corrosion. Since the tea contains a variety of chemical components, chemical reaction with stainless steel tea cups occur.


stainless steel cup contains chromium, which is a heavy metal, corrosion of stainless steel cups because the protective film is destroyed, chromium will be released, it will cause harm to humans if continued use. According to experts, chromium is a blue and white polyvalent metallic element, a common divalent chromium, trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium. Hard and brittle, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel and other products used so much. Clinically, hexavalent chromium and its compounds harm to the human body, usually in three respects. First, damage skin and cause dermatitis, pharyngitis; the second is damage to the respiratory system, causing pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases; the third is damage to the digestive system, eating and even long-term exposure chromate, can easily cause gastritis, gastric and intestinal ulcer. Excessive intake of hexavalent chromium, can lead to serious kidney failure and even cancer.


Expert cautions, stainless steel cup is best not used to make tea, not only that, Youyanjiangcu better not to use stainless steel containers full bloom. The worse the quality of stainless steel products, the more susceptible to corrosion experts say, the quality of stainless steel cups of good and bad, the easier it worse quality glass corrosion of stainless steel.


it would be best not to use stainless steel tea cup, can cause chemical reactions, some of the substances in tea with metallic elements in stainless steel reacts to the body will have too many injuries.




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