Water purification may sound career development will take of
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   Napoleon said:. "Outstanding talent, if not seize the opportunity, it will lose value."

   may sound great success in the traditional home appliances, home appliance giants entered for this water industry, will give industry development has brought the gospel. Guangdong Rongsheng Electric Co., Ltd., general manager of Mr. Wu live electrical analysis to modern water pollution incidents frequently, the future of Chinas water industry is a forward-looking industry. Rongsheng water purification business is planning to implement in 2007 an environmental project, since 2007, invested 30 million design development and production, sales operations listed in 2008. Just a few years time, may sound water purification products has been among the forefront of the national water purifier market. Mr. Wu laments: "seize the opportunity Rongsheng water industry, if not years of dedication and tireless efforts to adhere to, may sound will be buried in the mighty force of the water purification business."

   inexpensive win market

   "quality first, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, striving for excellence," which has been integrated into the guiding principles may sound corporate culture.

   Mr. Wu told us: "Now the water purifier market has entered the polarization phases: one pole is the price of foreign brands represented hundreds of thousands of high-priced products, quality is relatively secure; the other pole is cheap inferior no-name, no quality assurance. the sound volume is committed to building a stable quality and affordable cost-effective water purification products. the core competitiveness of water purification products is still the technology, may sound has a strong R & D team and advanced R & D equipment and in all aspects of production strict checks to ensure the factory every product can be assured. Ronshen product development in line with the concept of humanity, the product to achieve quick and easy to install, and can display real-time water quality monitoring. "[123 ]

   innovation to forge ahead

   innovation is a cornerstone of enterprise development. When it comes to Rongsheng latest embedded integrated kitchen water purification machine, low-key and reserved, Mr. Wu opened the topic, he said: "According to market research, water purification products on the market now has three development direction, that is integrated, intelligence, simplicity. Ronshen take this product exactly integration and simplicity of line, because then pretty high-end water purifier if on the cabinets is a waste, embedded design of this water purifier regarded as a revolutionary home improvement design not only saves space at the same timeAlso both disinfection and water purification function. In addition to the LED display real-time detection of water quality, structural design also full breakthrough, water purifier and sterilizer relatively independent part of the application water purifier filter Latest quick connect technology, without professional guidance, you can achieve all-round daily care.

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