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   tap water, river water is not clean, it is already well known thing. Today, many in remote rural areas were using drinking fountains. The household water purifiers, people understand it is relatively small. Many people believe that drinking water purifier. So, drinking fountains and water purifiers Is there a difference in the relative authority of the expert interview, Xiao Bian learned, does not mean drinking water purifier, the difference between the two is obvious:?

   drinking water opportunity to provide two different water temperature gives the drink, the machine itself has cooling and cooling, or heating and insulation functions, our common is the use of bottled water dispenser, this dispenser, you can not use tap water directly from the need bottled water companies to buy bottled water, household water purifiers is different, it is possible to direct water pipe to filter out impurities in the water by various processes and at all levels of the filter, leaving only beneficial to human health water, net water filter accuracy is generally from 0 途 1-1 microns, we know the size of bacteria is generally more than 0 途 2 microns, which are filtered, while retaining the beneficial minerals. Low power consumption will not waste water, and water treatment soon.


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