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   selected foreign brand water purifier good or domestic brands? For that matter, consumers will think, foreign water purification industry started early, more technologically advanced, more mature, foreign brands is certainly better than domestic products. Of course, this is certainly correct. But consumers probably understand, what products to China, it would have to "do as the Romans", some unscrupulous manufacturers will repackage them, to achieve "localization." More unscrupulous manufacturers name foreign brands slogan, trickery. That the name of German technology, US companies under the banner of brands, mostly to deceive consumers, can not believe it. Some time ago the China Quality Miles exposure of the so-called US companies in Shenzhen opened the worlds largest production base for water purification, originally just an equipment did not detect even the least of screwdriver factories, it is the best proof.


   In fact, the water purifier R & D and technology is not complicated, domestic water purifier manufacturers also learn from foreign technology and application of similar techniques, basic homogenization. Today the development of water purification business on the domestic market, more and more companies, in the case of a variety of highly competitive, investors must keep their eyes open, to identify the pros and cons. Water purifier manufacturers in order to come to the fore in many brands, competition or the quality and qualifications. Qualification includes inspection reports, issued by the state water this document, honorary certificate. Need to remind consumers that only those with approval document issued by the state of the water purifier to be able to rest assured that drink straight. The quality is reflected in the products, experience, packaging, service and other aspects.

   The following national brands to secure clean water Star has nineteen years of history as an example for everyone to buy water purification products Weapon! An Angel Star Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen Citys water purifier brand, development has been perfect after-sale service system and team, has its own plant 45,000 square meters, 65 professional and technical personnel, clean production workshop, automatic packaging production lines, daily shipments could reach 200 thousand units, product far sold to all over the world, both domestic and foreign orders, authorized dealers all over the country. Each product after the installation is complete, you need to go through pressure, pressure, test results and product quality inspection 27 times on stage and so rigorous testing four aspects. Ann Star water purifier have this document, as well as test reports regularly every year detection.


   In addition to the basic watch qualifications in addition, of course, is the most important products. A good water filter, the filter is essential. So we chooseWhen water purifiers, be sure to ask clear filter technology used and the media, to see whether to meet their own needs. The filtration technology currently on the market is divided into UF UF and RO water machine, UF UF machine is the most frequently used drinking water purification means, while retaining beneficial minerals trace elements, water filtered more safe and healthy use. And high water production, wastewater discharge a small amount of time in the family kitchen so the use of more efficient, convenient, without waiting for a long time. And RO water machine capable of removing a metal ion, scale, relatively high-grade, is a process of purification and groundwater rural water-performing water purification products. Also in the media, such as Ann Dow RO membrane water purifier using the Star, Saehan RO membrane, 304 stainless steel, ABS food-grade materials, and so are more advanced media.

   鍥借揣褰撹嚜寮? Ann Star water purifier has accumulated millions of families to address water security issues. Todays Ann Star, still struggling, the continuation of "improving water quality, the benefit of mankind," the mission, to witness the national water purifier brand strength of its operations and sales, continue to walk the road of practice to improve national water quality.

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