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   In my countrys economic "new normal", as the water industry in recent years, my countrys rapid growth in the development of new industries, high-profile. Water purifier is not a one-time consumer electronics, post-maintenance and after-sales service is very important, but some service companies are not standardized, resulting in water industry sales issues emerging, after-sales service is not in place is the impact of the rapid development of the water purifier market one of the major bottlenecks.

   In this context, purification of the tuyere is in the market, in the "new normal" in the bottom search. As the industry leader in water purification, Patio relying on innovative technology to provide consumers with better products and expand the market share, while continuing self-innovation and upgrading, to play the advantages of service, so that consumers no longer in the purchase of water purification machines worries.

   excellence, build real goods and services last load-bearing walls

   In recent years, frequent incidents of domestic drinking water pollution, water quality problems have become more serious. According to authoritative testing of drinking water passing rate of less than 50% of urban and rural residents in some areas have even to the point of not drinking, drinking water safety has become a topic of scared.

   evident that the hot water purifier market gradually, reflecting the concept of healthy drinking water is being recognized more and more families and concern. However, quite a mixed bag on the market, many consumers in the purchase of water purification products, did not enjoy the perfect after-sales service, causing people to lose confidence in the market is not conducive to the industrys development and progress.

   In this regard, Patio in the "quality of design specifically for the Chinese," the guiding philosophy, not only continue to increase R & D funding, and further systematization, enrichment to improve the product after-sales service system. Currently, Patio in the country to establish a 15,000 sale outlets, building a sound service call center to solve practical problems caused by the expansion of emerging markets coverage area. Patio constantly upgrading our services software and hardware facilities, increase customer value from the starting point, the creation of a number of new water industry benchmark for service, quality and quantity of goods and services to complete the last load-bearing walls.

   forward practical nature extraordinary achievement, Patio family now has a mature quality monitoring hardware technology and improve the detection system, service personnel will rely on expertise, with reference to customer demand for drinking water in the home professional water quality monitoring and data analysis to develop targeted response options, providing customers with household net personalizedWater program, all to meet consumer demand.

   Patio high-quality service has won the highly valued customers, some netizens said: "I just recognized Patio brand, first world single, early the next day to install the master came home to install, easy fast, the installation can clearly feel the water quality has greatly improved than before, and run the sound very small, do not disturb the family break! "

   quality lead, as the Chinese water industry into a shot in the arm [123 ]

   as the "third product, seven installation" of semi-finished products, water purifiers require installation, commissioning, also need regular maintenance, maintenance, replace the filter. The service as an indispensable prerequisite for the basic work was guaranteed, as should be the quality of products and services, important as the location.

   as Patios leading products, 400A large flux tankless water machine with high technology content by the majority of consumers, the product uses the first 400G high-quality reverse osmosis RO membranes, the water large, do not tank design that is considered the drink, Nissan theory of water 1480L, the whole family can meet water needs; secondly, 400A for the needs of the modern family of different water, drinking water and water for daily reasonable differentiation, with high-grade double inlet a gooseneck faucet, easily switch between different water quality to meet different consumer needs; Finally, large flux Patio tankless water machine design dual pump assembly, a pump can operate independently, the driving life than conventional single tankless water pump machines have been greatly improved.

   In addition, 400A patented filter module, large filter design, the filter element can accurately control the usage and remind consumers to be replaced, which paved the way for the smooth conduct of service.

娌佸洯鍑€姘村櫒锛氱粰娑堣垂鑰呮渶瀹屽杽鐨勫敭鍚庢湇鍔? src= as a landmark water purification equipment, 400A echoed Patio corporate philosophy, products with high technological content and thoughtful design to cater to consumers. With the 400A, with Patio perfect after-sales service, there is reason to believe that under the leadership of the Patio water purifier will be faster to every family, to allow more people to enjoy the water purifier brought luxury lifestyle.

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