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  Tens of thousands of residents ink flow plumbing, kidney Tim net water purifier to the family of in vitro: Tim net water purification Views: 251 Date: 2019-3-14 11:43:44 Recently, a number of residents of Harbin City, Heilongjiang reflect they were troubled domestic water district for many years, water flowing out of the faucet at home contains a large number of visible black particulate matter, washing machines, water heaters are not used, the bathroom shower head was often blocked by impurities. Without water after a runoff, water would not flow out of the water with ink-like, but also release worms. 涓婁竾灞呮皯姘寸娴佸ⅷ姹侊紝鎭噣鍑€姘寸粰瀹朵汉鐨勪綋澶栬偩 Water is the source of life, drinking water security relationship with the quality of life of the masses. No matter which city we live in, the water quality has different degrees of pollution, even if not immediately cause the disease, but also great risk: Under normal circumstances, after the house without water, the water will again be the following phenomenon: mixed sediment, water quality yellowing of the increasingly serious water pollution today, the problem of drinking water due to a variety of diseases caused by wanton spread of today, water treatment work becomes particularly important! It is that we can not shirk responsibility for their own health for the health of their families! Food to the water first, water-based net! It turns out that the family installed a water purifier is equivalent to a family safe vitro "kidney"! Why is the equivalent of a water purifier in vitro kidney it? First, we need to look at the flow of water in the body: the body first into the water to the stomach, then into the intestine, the intestinal absorption into the liver, the liver detoxification and then into the blood circulation. The liver is responsible for detoxifying not only responsible for detoxification, then we drank water for decades, so much garbage are impurities in the water where to go out? Here we have to mention another very important organ of the human body - that is the kidney, it put into our bodies to filter out impurities. It is non-stop all the time to be with our blood filtration process: Useful on the left to let them back into the blood circulation, it is useless to store filtered out into the bladder and then excreted into urine. When the content of impurities in the water we drink is too high, the kidneys will bear a very heavy burden filter, once some impurities can not effectively filter, they will slowly, slowly accumulated in our bodies. In the course of time deep, it could damage our kidneys cells, and human kidney cells are non-renewable, once it is no longer damaged beyond repair. Take good care of youKidney it! This is the inevitable move to a healthy life! And a water purifier that we can filter out impurities in the water, reduce the burden on the kidneys, protect the birth of the kidney, for our health, create good conditions. Meanwhile, the water passing through the water purifier filter, pure taste, for cooking, soup, tea, milk, etc. milling, is more mellow taste.

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