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   rapid development of the Internet, to the traditional home appliance industry a huge impact, this impact from the ecological to the competition from the competition to the business model, omnipresent in all aspects, to be based in such a violent environment, the traditional home appliances agents must be transformed thinking, otherwise it will eventually be eliminated.

   Online shopping into the mainstream after

   80, 90 is now the mainstream consumer groups, online shopping is their habit. Whether it is clothes, food, household appliances and other types of online products are very rich, cost-effective, at home 7-8 minutes can browse want to buy finished goods, a little mouse to complete the purchase. This way do let a lot of traditional stores of the agents was injured, the performance of a slide down.


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   struck the traditional home appliances electricity supplier spike

   is the hardest hit by the Internet appliance industry, home appliance industry has always been a highly competitive industry, and is now suffered electricity supplier army arrives, it is almost to its breaking traditional consumer electronics companies tense nerves. Ali Baba "double eleven" less than 6 hours attract Pobai billion yuan, up 35 billion yuan a day sales record of online shopping, is to let everyone unsuccessful.

   traditional home appliances agents to homeopathy, or magnificent reversal? Home appliances agents familiar with the home appliance sales model, all of a sudden you want to switch to another line to make his words more harm than good. Why not try a dark horse for the final "water purifier" appliance industry investment in it?

   water pollution outbreak of water industry concern

   In recent years, frequent outbreaks of water pollution incidents, so many places into drinking water crisis. (News from China Network) March 5 morning, the 12th National Peoples Congress at the Great Hall of the opening of the second meeting, listen to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang government work report, review the plan and budget report.

   Li Keqiang said that improving rural water circuit gas letters and other infrastructure, 2.6 million renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas, rural roads 200,000 km. Attaches great importance to the rural left-behind children, women, the elderly and the "empty villages" problem. Another 60 million rural safe drinking water this year, the next two years through efforts to make all rural residents can drink clean water.

   a good time to join the water purifier market gap

   Agent is now the most water industryGood time to market maturity with respect to the appliance industry, water purifier market share of far less than one-tenth of other home appliances, water purifier so far can also be said to be a gap in the market. With the improvement of water safety awareness, as family health, safe water purifier last line of defense, slowly being accepted and family use. There are healthy drinking water issues are raised in the "two sessions", proved the national attention on the issue of healthy drinking water, water purification agents joined this time is a very good time.

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