Water purification industry entered a critical stage of muty
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   Now, the water purification industry is changing so much, from a tender between industry then quickly turned into a mature industry. However, at this time, then shouting slogans surface, has no meaning, no matter whether the top ten brands, high-end brands worth mentioning are the advertising gimmicks, Apparel makes the man. Future trends in water purification industry to control, the key is to brand strategy layout!


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   water purification industry are not all industries have a strange phenomenon, that is a competitor the number is so large, unprecedented in the Red Sea. Originally industry had about 5000 indigenous water purifiers, 5,000 companies competing biting, almost saturated; around 2013, before and after we enter the traditional home appliances, Midea, Gree, millet, Haier 2016 almost all the major appliances regard the presence of water purifiers important project management, these appliances giant push into the water purifier industry standards objectively, product homogeneity lead to price wars and vicious competition; almost the same time, more than 70% of cabinet brands began to enter water purification industry, more than 80% of the solar energy industry restructuring and water purifiers.

   originally known as 100 billion market, while stuffed tens of thousands of enterprises, which is in any industry you do not encounter new situations, most importantly, these companies are entering the use of channel and brand both advantages of traditional indigenous water purifier encirclement, leading to overly serious homogenization industry, even worse. This is not so much competition, as it is grabbing a lot of enterprise efficiency decline in the gold industry profits as thin as paper.

   than the price than money, than the scale, than the brand, than the scale, than the channel, than the service, than influence? All of indigenous water purifier brands defeat, even if we are proud of technology, will, over time, in 2--3 years to complete loss of advantage.

   soybean milk industry at that time hundreds of enterprises, companies are only out to kill nine positive, then the solar industry with thousands of companies, one of the few remaining after the elimination of three to five homes, ordinary water purifier not everyone thought better outcome, ending most of the business is death.

   at this time, the only way out is the difference. Of course, accustomed to imitate the water purifier business, differentiation is very difficult, almost no difference consciousness, and no ability to differentiate, differentiation is death epigenetic molt, you must go through the pain reborn.

   In fact, water purifiers although development is relatively mature, still a lot of opportunity, the chance is to stick to the old pit, we must find new strengths and foothold.

   menstruation dates, pregnant women, cosmetics, vivo of female mobile phone, oppo young mobile phone, are looking for a typical case of break points in the Red Sea, which followed several years of high-end strategy also reflects the strategy of differentiation only.

   water purifier not only to product updates, need to find their own strategic position in the market segment, non-professional large enterprises to enter the industry goal is to mass-market customers, most of them aimed reap major market groups, and therefore in fact, no market segment layout, which is the survival gap for indigenous water purifier business. Therefore visionary business, customer groups should be classified, we will move towards the extreme professionalism. Do all of Chinas most influential mineral water machine, water machine the most professional of the elderly, infants and pregnant most professional water machine, only the establishment of a local (even if it is the details of the advantages of a small part of) talent whereby stronghold, campaign world.

   With the changing times, the water purifier industry has been relatively mature, but not yet completed advanced purification industry. Like the United States, Gree, Haier these large home appliances business, although to do in terms of water purifier is also quite good, but ultimately can not represent the future direction of the water purifier, water purification industry of specialized, sophisticated, high-level still needs to have the market keen sense of smell ability of enterprises to build.

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