People drinking water safety awareness to improve thfurther
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   drinking fountains, water supply pipeline adverse development has become one of the reasons to promote the development of the water industry, ready to drink healthy and safe water is an important factor to protect the health of a safe and convenient is a lot of water purification equipment families are very much needed.




people drinking water safety awareness to improve the water purification industry to further develop (Photo from Internet)

   people drinking water safety awareness is increasing

   severe water pollution, healthy people in order to be able to drink clean water, have been proposed rapid and effective solutions to install water purifiers and the like. Is there drinking water safety issues around the world? According to the World Health Organization survey shows that 80% of human disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor water quality and drinking water. In recent years, the worlds emerging water pollution incident, it is so healthy drinking water become a global topic.

   and now more and more attention purifier, does this mean that the industry will develop into the fast lane? After years of promotion and popularization of drinking water and health knowledge, people are gradually understanding of quality of drinking water on human health impact, more emphasis on safety of drinking water, which provides a great market prospects for the production of water purification products. At present, water purification products market has been nearly a decade of exploration, the last five years has become the sunrise industry booming. As of 2015, my countrys water purifier sales volume up to 1.18 billion yuan, accounting for environmental home appliances sales volume 43% share. This proves that peoples drinking water safety awareness is greatly improved.

   filter is the core technology of water purification

   to expand the market size, product range naturally more abundant. However, it followed by brand and price varies greatly, how should consumers go to buy a guaranteed quality of water purifier it? Choose water purification products, look for the brand is very important, because the brand is a symbol of quality and Guarantee. In general, choose a good reputation, a long time the brand is relatively more reliable. In addition to choosing a reliable brand, but also the water purifiers filter, the core technology is to filter water purifiers, which directly affect the water effect. A good cartridge filter out of the water will be more safe and healthy. Using reverse osmosis technology products and general filter what is the difference?

   and more generally activated carbon filter, nanofiltration film as the core technology, its main function is to filter impurities in some of the larger and deodorant . The ROReverse osmosis filtration membrane is a high-tech products, not only can completely rule out large impurities, but also heavy metals, impurities and water molecules completely separated, filtered through a reverse osmosis water is really healthy good water, good water drinkable .

   qualified products and after-sales service is very important

   Many consumers to reflect on the market a number of water purification products, though cheap, but almost no service at all, even a few days can not find this brand, how to do this?

   water purification products related to safety and health, purchase must be carefully view the brand manual, health permits and other related qualification, which is the most basic measure of a water purifier brand elements. Select water purification equipment, be sure to choose a sound service system products.

   With increasing demand for clean water, I believe that the future market will be further development of water purifier, water purifier new products will be more to meet peoples requirements for health drinking water. (Source: water purifier network)

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