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serious secondary pollution of tap water, tap water as drinking water daily can not, of course, we can not buy bottled water to drink every day, the birth of smart home water purifier to solve our top priority.


Here, a look at smart home water purifier is how to solve the secondary pollution of water? Once consumers understand the truth, naturally believe smart home water purifier is useful, it can accelerate smart home water purifier popularity in Chinas better!

   first, the principle

   the principle of household water purifiers can be summed up as the filter, but compared with the common method for filtering, water purification filter is more complex, high precision filters, home water purifier can achieve high quality filtration purification efficiency.

   Working purifier depends on various core of the filtering effect, different filter out contaminants in water filters and filter materials are precision differences. Buy water purifiers, first check the quality of the filter. We must reject the no-name, look for the big brands. On the one hand, the strength of scientific research small manufacturers are poor, there is no technical support, just blindly imitate the appearance of well-known brands, poor quality, clean result is not satisfactory, on the other hand, there is no security, the machine does not sound service system, and no-name it difficult for consumers to protect their interests.

   Second, water purification function

   household water purifiers water purification effect, but not all characteristics of all household water purifier, it all depends on your actual needs. Good home water purifier water purification generally have the following effects:

   1 to remove rust in the municipal water supply pipeline network, rusty drinking water is the biggest problem facing the industry.

   2, chloroform and elimination of residual chlorine in the water. Chlorine in the water is the most common disinfection measures in recent years, water pollution, reduce the chlorine has been rising, the reaction of chlorine with organic matter in water, chlorine byproducts, it is the most serious chloroform (CHC13) is difficult to decompose, also contributed to the formation, after the heating process into the boiling water, chloroform content increases 3--4 times.

   3, eliminating the second supply water pollutants. A direct result of the second water supply water pollution is affecting the sensory indicators: odor, turbidity, followed by breeding of germs and bacteria and viruses.

   4, to reduce organic pollutants in water. They include: algal toxins, persistent toxic organic substances (pops), endocrine disruptors. Currently, water with or suspected of having a tumor, teratogenic, mutagenic substance "three to" has reached 114, the nail head experts say: "The biggest threat from the organic material in the water."

   [123 ] 5, to reduce heavy metal pollutants in water: comprising: mercury, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, lead, and other experts point out: "heavy metal, resulting in short and long mutation will lead to disease, deformity."

   6, reduced the water content of calcium, magnesium ions, reduce water hardness.

   smart home water purifiers, water purification function has been a concern, there are many families install water purifier to ensure family health drinking water.

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