The difference between household water purifis wat puricion
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Domestic water purification



of pure water

   There many consumers to store water purifiers, hear various shopping guide publicity, many varieties so that consumers know what to do, the water will be easy to classify these recent water purifier knowledge summarized up, share to consumers.

   Domestic water purification and water actually contained in the machine inside the water purifier, but different roles and functions of each call is different.

   First, a home water purifier does not require electricity, by its own pressure water filter, there is no water storage tank, water to be treated out of the normal temperature, if heating is required, it requires the use of additional heating drinking fountains . The main products are pure water requires a power supply, a separate water tank, multi-stage filtration division, basically contains the function of the home water purifier.

   Next, the home water purifier functions remove chlorine, impurities, odors, bacteria and other harmful substances, filtered tap water impurities, rust, some models have functions to remove scale. Water machine is different, typically can have an outer home water purifier has the function of a filter filtering membrane filter, allowing only water molecules, all other impurities allowed through.

   Therefore, consumers buy home water purifier or water machine when you can choose according to their needs, want to pursue tea, coffee that tastes can choose a relatively high water machine, If these requirements are not very high, use home water purification machines on the line, what the price difference between the two is relatively large. Water easily

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