Want to choose the right water purifiers do noignorehdetails
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   How to buy a suitable water purifier is a lot of people headaches, a lot of people are generally look and feel seems to meet the requirements of the decision in a hurry. In fact, buy a suitable water purification products, you have to pay attention to the following four small details.




want to buy a suitable water purifiers do not ignore the details of four (Photo from Internet)

   one detail: Safety Standards [ 123]

   before deciding to buy, first look at selected water purifier is safe, whether through the Ministry of health issued the appropriate verification and safety certification.

   There are currently certified for home water purifier two categories, one is "wading health permits this document" (detection "wading card"), the other is the National Sanitation Foundation NSF certification. The former is awarded by the Chinese health supervision department, the latter is one of the most authoritative international certification. In general, there are many brands of these two products are certified, there are still some need-powered water purification products also need to confirm whether they have 3C certification.

   Details of the two: water purifier material

   In household water purifiers on the market are generally of metal and plastic, consumers generally good texture metal casing. However, the metal case is not appropriate everywhere, mainly to see the applicability of election material.

   In areas divided, because the water is relatively hard north, the metal material is prone to fouling water purifier, long-term use can easily lead to filter blockage down, in the northern region of plastic material generally recommended class. If the water quality is better in the South, metal and plastic can be common. To divide the home environment, in an outdoor environment or indoor environment hidden water purifier generally used metal material, plastic can not stand the wind and sun, moisture, insects will have an impact on the housing interior hidden environment, the choice of metal material . And like water machine water usually someplace living room, dining room, bedroom, study, taking into account aesthetics, usually plastic shell.

   Details of the three: the quality of parts

   to the leakage problem often occurs for a water purifier, mostly because of parts problems caused by part, and different consumer home water uneven pressure, so that, when the engagement component part of a water purifier or a pressure less than the ability to withstand water purifier, arisesLeaking. Consumers should make sure that the water purifier before purchasing parts through a strength test, salt spray corrosion testing and fatigue load tests, so as to ensure that the problem does not occur due to inferior parts occur after the use.

   Details of the four: service

   water purifier itself is semi-finished products, which is the industry consensus, especially in product is particularly important during the installation, with the industry saying goes, "two-thirds Products , you can see how important it is, seven installation "professional installation for water purification experience the family is; and the subsequent maintenance of the family continued to use water purification products assured of effective protection.

   after the purchase does not have the ability of professional service brand water purifiers, often annoying a lot of problems, such as to install extra charge, water purification installation process confusion, there is hidden water and electricity lines the dispute led to water purifiers and more. The water purifier manufacturers have improved after-sales system, after consumers buy products, water purification products will be solely responsible for the transportation, installation and service (including pre-sale and after-sale) and other links to help users improve drinking water water environment.

   to buy a home water purifier which contains a variety of knowledge, in order to protect our drinking water safety, have to start with small details, the details determine success or failure, do not let any loopholes.

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