Water manganese exceeded y harm to the hum body
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   Water cadmium exceeded any harm to the human body do? For cadmium exceeded the main water harm the human body is harmful to human respiratory tract is relatively large, following on to the specific introduction.


excessive cadmium effects on the human body how everyone in the tap water was safe to drink how? Is not it better to buy a home water purifier point? Water cadmium exceeded any harm to the human body do? Excessive lead hazards in recent years has been much attention, whenever asked a few parents of children, they will be very confident answer: lead poisoning in children prone to hyperactivity. For cadmium, most people do not understand.


It is understood that, since the early 20th century, Cadmium and its compounds are widely used in the manufacture of nickel-cadmium batteries, pigments, alloys, and plastics may also be used in electroplating articles stabilizer. Production and use of cadmium is increasing. According to statistics, every year up to the release of cadmium in the environment around 30,000 tons, of which 82% to 94% of the cadmium will enter into the soil, resulting crop contamination. my country has also reported on the discovery of excessive cadmium in ceramics for daily use and simulation of metal jewelry colorful.


Clearly, cadmium widespread in peoples lives. Exceeded any element in the human body, there will be greater or lesser extent. Because of metal elements in most scholars do not understand medicine, most doctors only know about potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements on the checklist, but little is known of cadmium, reporters can only read the information, look for excessive cadmium hazards.


According to Japanese scientists, research data shows that a small amount of daily intake of cadmium, 50 years later, 10% of people will appear abnormal renal function and proteinuria phenomenon. Chronic cadmium poisoning most likely to damage kidney function, but also can damage the liver function. my countrys current high incidence of almost all chronic diseases, such as hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, anemia, osteoporosis, cancer, etc., may be related to food cadmium exceeded.


digestive tract absorb more cadmium than the respiratory tract:




Peking University, deputy director of the Department of Immunology, Department of Medicine WANG Yue dedicated to explaining, cadmium limits in foods of provisions: rice cadmium content 鈮?.2 mg / kg of flour cadmium content 鈮?.1 mg / kg, meat and fish cadmium content 鈮?.1 mg / kg, eggs cadmium content 鈮?.05 mg / kg. According to World Health Organization Expert Committee recommendations issued in 1972, by the daily food intake of cadmium resistanceBy an amount of 1mg / kg, 5 times of the standard that is rice cadmium. Data show that the proportion of excessive cadmium and aquatic animal kidney is much higher than rice, there are two food preferences of the people there is a greater risk.


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