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  Water security

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   turn on the tap, connected to a clean glass tap water, but sometimes greeted it is yellow, red, blue, wished he could have lobbied for contaminated water rainbow colors?

   of course, this is not the most terrible, fear is even tap water no color, looked clean, but still did not dare to drink? is not need to install water treatment equipment to be safe to drink? water quality has always been the people most concerned about, but do not understand the question, saying "there is the risk of secondary pollution of water, direct consumption need to be cautious "; then, high-level secondary water supply equipment, water purifiers or need to install it on this issue, Bohai Jun everyone here to do the next answer?.



   First, when tap water factory is qualified, state water quality standards, in other words, clean and non-polluting; tap water quality compliance, transportation process to go through lengthy the water distribution network and high-rise towers, water tanks and other facilities. During transmission, if the water pipe network problems, may cause tap water quality does not meet standards.

   At present the vast majority of the old city, its water pipe network is more than a few decades ago the laying of pipe network material is poor, serious aging, external contamination and therefore have the opportunity through the leak, the fracture surface into the water pipeline, the impact of our drinking water safe.

   because of the water pressure, you need high-rise building secondary water supply tank or water tower. Once a water tank for 48 hours, results in a lower residual chlorine content, among airborne microorganisms and bacteria will multiply in the water.

   there is hidden later maintenance, maintenance of the secondary water system is dependent on the cell property is almost, if not clean, then washed, the residual water can produce carcinogenic substances and organic chlorine - chloroform.


   1, if a new cell, the water supply network is new, the user need not worry about secondary water quality problems, now Kombo negative pressure water equipment directly connected municipal pipe network, seal the entire device to eliminate all pollution outside world, and no tanks, no precipitate user to drink water is tap water factory, completely safe to drink.

   2, part of the district due to the peak of the large amount of water supply, businesses will use non-vacuum equipment with tanks, even so, it will not cause pollution, I will not speak residential property once in a while to clean up once water tank, Bohai constant pressure frequency of water supply equipment, box-type non-vacuum equipment (non-vacuum equipment with water tanks), which is made of food grade stainless steel water tanks, high water tank tightness, foreign matter can not enter the tank, clean-up effort to facilitate saving and intelligent inverter system devices automatically at regular intervals on the use of water in the tank, the water in the tank is circulated change, will not cause long deposition.

   3, and if the old district, can be carried out on the pipe network and the secondary water supply system upgrading old houses, but generally subject to extensive construction surface, restrictions and other large capital investment is required a process. Now the city has started most of the secondary water supply equipment, network upgrading project, after modification of the user can drink safe water, if you still do not trust, you live in the old district of Bo may require the installation of the pipe network water processing equipment (such as ultraviolet disinfection), together with the secondary water supply equipment put into use; then the water pressure problem users, water quality problems can be solved.

   Summing up the appeal, users of the new cell is no need to install home water purifier, the users old district is mostly secondary water supply have been transformed, even if no transformation, you can see whether there is property Regular cleaning of water tanks, water quality can not be assured of testing, or install water treatment equipment Kombo, do not install every household water purifiers, water quality piece of equipment can guarantee the safety of the whole community, to facilitate peace of mind.


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