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Today, the water purification industry in the market, more and more peoples attention, our water purifier suppliers are on the market very hard to make people come to accept their products, at the time when the industry gradually rise, our sales staff are also a few happy tears ah! Here let us tell us something about these unique skills of our sales industry it!


1, sales and customer chat What topics do not need to talk too much about technical topics and theories, the need is 2020-06-05 news ah, ah the weather and other topics. Therefore, the salesman have to read it at some time daily on economic, sales of books, magazines, in particular, need to read the newspaper every day to understand the state, society, news events, this is often the best topic, so we visit customers It will not only be seen as ignorant, shallow knowledge.


2, the clerk on the evening four hours. A salesman success depends largely on the night he was four hours how ever. Worst night clerk holding a watching TV, or complaining, go out and play and so on. Such sales unpromising. General clerk to find customers to socialize, drink and chat. Such sales will be single, but I personally think that is difficult to have a high achievement. A little better at night clerk sorting data, analyze customer, make plans. This business is a good business should have a future. I think it is the best salesman in the finished work look good salesman also insisted on an hours book. I think this business is very promising and have the opportunity to be the boss.


3, on the clerk itself. Many people think that the best salesman tall, handsome. Salesman must be eloquent, articulate, his mouth can spit oil to be called eloquent. Salesman must be smoke, smoke with him at any time, everyone that pie. Make sure you drink salesman, liquor, beer thousand cups did not fall. In fact, I feel these are not important. For me personally, my height is less than 160MM, beginning to run business was very low self-esteem, not to speak fluent, articulate, let alone good. I never smoke, I drink a bottle of beer at most, multi drunk. But Qinnengbuzhuo, I just run the business in Huizhou, beginning three months, I getFew clothes to run a factory in Dongguans brother is a few days. An industrial area, a run industrial zone. So, Im gone for three months, customers ran down a few, but a pair of shoes too bad, black people as black as carbon head. I now own a factory, and I often clerk, over the first three months is not a persons life, and survived after it. So the customer service office there.




on the phone




After we find the customer, the second question is to think about how to call a client. There is also some of the details. Note on it.




1, will encounter a lot of people call this situation. Customers have not listened to our presentation, do not say no, then hung up the phone snapped a lifetime. And you said to go to visit him, he said no time to let you fax information to him, or to put information into the guard room. We do not fax and data into the security room to him, useless. Encountered such a situation I started very depressed, then I think, may miss a work give procurement 2020-06-05 boss scolded, upset why they reject me, or want to purchase may miss 2020-06-05 and her boyfriend fight, so ignore me. Never mind, next time I find the Hello. I have a lot of customers are playing phone several times before they get an appointment, and sometimes is so strange, do not miss Purchasing said yesterday, 2020-06-05 call can make you take samples to see her. So successful business is to see you often do not adhere to adhere to.




2, no matter how skilled your business skills, I think still have to think about calling to talk about the content better, do not pick up the phone to talk. Because we talked and talked to forget some of the content of the original talk, just hang up the phone and often fight one more time. It is not out of the good. For businesses just do the best friend of paper to write it down. This will speak relatively organized.




3, I think the better point call stood. Because people standing when I feel more concentrated attention, it would be more serious, standing there full time in the air, say the words sound more pleasant. We do not believe try. Whether you justJust by how much air, the best time to call with a smile. Such atmosphere is more relaxed, the customer will feel it in. Doing business has always been bullied live, but our customers do not need to share with you.




4, we do not have time to wait before asking the customer to call them. We should always give them a call at the usual time, chat, greeting greetings or. Until he heard a voice I know so far. Best to let him thinking about you. Doing business like in love. We can not about the time after the meeting expect others to marry you. Purchasing is very forgetful, we need to constantly remind him.




early visit customers




1, preparation before marketing, planning must not be negligent contempt, come prepared to winner. Ready Samples and catalog books, pens and notebooks. See clients think about before opening, to ask the question, say so, and possible answers. Usually on the companys product-related information, brochures, advertisements, etc., must endeavor to discuss, memorize, and competitors to gather advertising, promotional materials, brochures, etc., to study, analyze, in order to achieve the "know ourselves", so that it can really know ourselves




2, punctual for appointments - late means:. "I do not respect your time." There is no excuse for being late, if not avoid the occurrence of late, you have to make a phone call to apologize before the appointed time past, go ahead, I believe is the only way to avoid being late.




3, the clothing can not make a full man, but for the first meeting of peoples minds, 90 percent of produce to clothing. Courtesy, instrument, conversation, behavior is a source of good or bad impression people get along, the sales representative must make more efforts in this regard. I do not like my green salesman wearing a red T-shirt and so on to see my client. I minimum requirement shirts. There must be a leather briefcase.




4, we can not visit with each and every customer of the transaction, you should try to visit more customers to increase the percentage of transactions. When visiting customers, a principle that we should believe that "Even a fall also should pay attention to the sand." Means that sales representatives can not go home empty handedEven if you do not visit the temporary demand which can not be traded. But also find ways to let him help you introduce a new customer.




5, for customers. Always pay attention to customers like the topic and his hobbies, he likes to talk to him more and more. Watch his every move. You can match up the pull. The resulting dialogue is not important, the atmosphere is very important to the process. We purchase and chat, they often pay great attention to the conversation, the topic always said no. In fact, we have to note the process and atmosphere of our conversation. If we talk very happy day, and harmony, our emotions will be very close. In many days, we tend to forget that back then what to talk about is, just remember that day we talk very well. In fact, purchases, too. We have price quotations to him, the quality we have quality approval book to him, we will be stamped and signed delivery back to him. So long as we do business and outside it, he is interested in talking problems best.




how to maintain customer




1, the clerk should do the fishing, not sprinkle network. The most effective and comfortable when running the business practice is to use fishing methods. Like when we first started chasing girls, do not we will run after a few girls, Bo and then he has a right to do. We will go spotted a dried up and give up the pursuit of her until it successfully. I was so run the business. Ill select the right industry, for example, I do the headset industry, I would pick the industry about three really serious to attack him, do go up until after the other to do well. So wait for you accounted for 80% share in the headset industry. We then go to other industries, to copy it. Like fishing, saw large. One by one to catch, very comfortable. Bold, but cautious, thick-skinned. When we are young, chasing girls, bigger experience tells us that: bold, but cautious, thick-skinned. In fact, business is like chasing girls do the same.




2, it is estimated that 80% of the reason why the business is completed, due to the friendship relations. Now the competition is very fierce, the same quality, the same price the case, the same service, you have to compete over the opponents, with only a friendship, if you treat customers more carefully than the opponent, and friends formed a friendship. So who can rob you of your list? So you take timeSpend what you will get. So friendship is a treasure.




3, must be enthusiastic, enthusiasm can infect customers. We have a lot of sales may just start out very enthusiastic, but wait until you achieve certain results will become Oil Stick, lost enthusiasm in the past, and sometimes feel alone but not so good to do, you will be overly enthusiastic The loss of a deal, but they can become warm enough to lose a hundred times transaction. More appealing than enthusiastic rhetoric.




on turnover of




1, a lot of salesman started the business, it is often a great momentum, find customers, recommended products, newspaper the price do not know how to do, often come to naught. In fact, you should continue to follow up, constantly asking him until the results so far. Cry of the child milk. Like a child cry, how do we know he was hungry it? So we have to require customers to buy. However, 80% of the sales are not made to the customer transaction requirements.




2, if not urgent transactions, sales and customer made an appointment to meet at a date immediately, and if the customer face to face when you are not under an appointment - to meet twice time, in order to later meet with the customer may more difficult.




3, my feeling is, do business to adhere to trace, track, re-tracking, if you want to complete an operational needs contact with customers 5-10 times, then you hesitate everything that should be coming to the 10th listen buy signal - if you are listening very attentively, then, when the customer has decided to buy, usually will give you a hint. Listening is more important than talking.




to do business is: a series of activities for the purpose of transactions undertaken. Although the deal does not mean everything, but no deal has nothing.


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