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living standards improved, lets focus on health than ever. Under such a demand change, some of the main health concept of home appliances began quietly rising fast, water purifier it is one of a kind. But it is worth noting that, while the rapid development of the market, but then most consumers lack sufficient understanding of water purification products, people can not help but want to ask: "? Water purifier water purifier is really useful."

   [ 123] Q1: What is a water purifier What the hell?


   A: As the name suggests, in fact, is installed in a home water purifier in the water line, designed for purification, the water quality lifting equipment, the maximum effect is through multiple filters, to filter out harmful microorganisms that may be present in tap water and various impurities.


   Q2: water purifier How does it work?


   A: water purifier filter out impurities primarily by physical filtration. After the tap water enters, flows will successively PP cotton, granular activated carbon, Activated Carbon, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) and multiple filters, to filter out impurities in the water descending stepwise.


   Q3: there are so many impurities in tap water it?


   A: municipal tap water at the factory is in line with national drinking water standards, but in the transport process, there may be because of aging pipelines, community water tank clean-up is not timely and other reasons by the "secondary pollution" and therefore home release valve tap water, which contains impurities usually beyond everyones imagination.


   Q4: For example?


   A: classification according to particle size, impurities in the water can be divided suspended solids, colloids, solutes three categories.


   Q5: The water purifier can filter out impurities in it?


   A: water purifier mainstream market, there are two, the RO water purifier membrane filtration accuracy of 0.1 nm, and pure water is produced in the usual sense, can be directly consumed; Ultrafiltration membrane filtration water purifier lower precision, but there are 10 nanometers, can filter out most of the impurities in the water, but preferably after heating or drinking.


   Q6: install home water purifier that is actually necessary?


   A: Why are you drink bottled water? Not because of the quality of tap water at home do not trust it? Particularly the need for community water supply through water tank, even if the water tank cleaned regularly, the family put water valveContaminants out of tap water and certainly more than we can imagine. And that is prepared and ready to drink the water purifier compared to bottled water is not only costly, in this part of the bottled water dispenser also may have been "secondary pollution."


   Q7: Bottled water costs more than a water purifier?


   A: Thats for sure. Use water purifier, the initial investment is certainly higher than bottled water, but even taking into account the filter changed regularly, "waste water", electricity, machinery depreciation and other factors, on average production cost of a barrel of pure water for less than $ 1.


   Q8: water purification chance to have a "waste"?


   A: high filtration accuracy due to the pressurized water purifier of the RO membrane RO membrane flushing required to produce 1 liter of pure water, about 2-3 liters would "waste." But note that, while we have a "waste", but has undergone PP cotton, activated carbon cartridge filter, the water quality than tap water discharged directly home, "clean", can be collected for other purposes.


   Q9: UF and RO membranes that two kinds of water purifier which is better?


   A: RO membrane filtration water purifier higher accuracy, almost all the impurities can filter the water, the filtered water directly consumed, if the coupled line machine, convenient and safe; ultrafiltration water purifier can not be filtered off small organic molecules and heavy metals, but does not have a "waste" can be used for domestic water, filtered water is heated before drinking, you can choose according to their needs.


   need to be reminded that the current market most home water purifier will be particularly marked for municipal tap water, if other water sources may significantly speed up the frequency of filter replacement.


   Q10: but it seems to drinking water adverse health?


   A: This argument lacks adequate scientific basis. Water in the body which is to help the body to deliver nutrients discharged "waste", the greater the role of pure water free of impurities; at the same time, compared with any kind of food, the human body through drinking water intake of minerals can be described as minimal, eat a Apple, intake of minerals is equivalent to drink thousands of bottles of mineral water.




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