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  The advent of winter, either north or south, most of the region are caught in a cold. However, in a cold, known as "the last piece of one hundred billion appliance market gold mine" home water purifier market, preached a very hot trend, the exhibition, the annual massive, promotional activities one after another. Especially water purification industry leading brand Patio, since the double-11 is poised for a long time already, carrying 2014 of more than prestige, to attack the 2015. 鍑€姘村競鍦烘寔缁崌娓?娌佸洯鍑€姘存満鍛婂埆2014杩庡嚮2015

   can not stop the water purification market: average annual growth of more than 30%

   Over the past year, the media repeatedly exposed water pollution incident caused public panic and anxiety. In fact, many developed countries in Europe and America have experienced this stage: With the rapid development of industrialization, rapid expansion of urbanization, water pollution, water scarcity, water problems one after another, on the municipal water treatment systems continue to present challenges.

   However, due to the scarcity of water resources, per capita water resources is only a quarter of the world average, but higher and higher level of industrialization, water pollution is worsening, how to ensure the safety of drinking water has become the Chinese people one of the most concern. Therefore, water purifier sales also increased year by year. In Europe and Japan, South Korea and other countries, water purifier household penetration of around 70%, while our home water purifier penetration rate is still less than 5%, the market promising.

   According to insiders, since 2010, Chinas water purification equipment market average annual growth of more than 20% market reached 1.5 billion euros, in particular household water purifier market, more than 30% annual growth rate . The next five years, the total capacity of the domestic water purifier market will reach hundreds of millions of units, an average of more than 20 million units per year. Existing home water purifier to reach 100 million potential customers, the turnover will prove safety billion.

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