Waste processor in the end theris no needo buy after reading
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   T [123 ] HC clean water network, then, the question is, for our country, waste disposers really apply it? For family life, what good is it? Next, let us demystify waste processor it!

   kitchen waste processor will certainly ignorant in the end is doing it? What good is it?

   After the food waste processor kitchen waste is generally mounted below the water tank, the drain is connected, via DC or AC motor driven cutter, pulverized by a centrifugal force into the crushing chamber drains, under normal circumstances rotary cutter is provided with an impact head 360, no razor, safe, durable, maintenance free.

   the benefits of kitchen waste processor that can handle bones, vegetables rachis, fish head fish bones, egg shells, peanut shells, leftovers, melon shells, peanut and other food waste slag, crushed into the garbage can diameter particles less than 4 mm, will not clog drains and sewer phenomenon, easy instant, convenient and efficient kitchen clean. Avoid food waste not to put the kitchen in time to throw the breeding of germs, mosquitoes and smell, creating a healthy, clean, beautiful kitchen environment.

   How to choose inexpensive kitchen waste processor it?

   now on the market price of general waste processor in 1000-3000.


   1000 is competing fighting Yan and domestic brands of household words around one thousand yuan can, try to choose to install the service, peace of mind.


   1000-2000 selection of high-grade domestic or foreign high-grade, high cost;

   about the

   3000 even if it is very upscale, and recommended to choose foreign brands, quality assurance, work is also more refined; more than

   3000 yuan, really is not necessary, and not too pleasant for personal values, please feel free local tyrant Ha!

   at the time of purchase in addition to price but also to choose easy to operate, do not clean up oily water strainer waste processor; we try to set the size of the capacity according to family size and frequency of cooking, starting after many years suitable most important; there is the product of design, choiceMaterials, quality and other factors, electrical products must have to consider security issues.

   Not all families are suitable for installation waste processor, see if you can hold it at home?

   1, do not often cook at home

   do not often cook at home and consequently not worth buying ah, of course, free to local tyrant. Occasionally cook, throw garbage generated directly sink drainage spam box, and finally unified garbage bags are also no taste.

   2, the old house, the ground wet leaky house

   In fact, fitted does not affect the work of garbage processor, then the ground is wet, put it really inappropriate electrical appliances! Under often wet leaky kitchen is not suitable for any electrical appliances. Another reason is the foundation of the old house linked to aging pipelines and facilities, and some also suffered the defection phenomenon, often intrusion, it is not good to waste processor.

   3, clearly defined cell can not install

   There are many communities are not clearly defined waste processor is installed, be sure to ask before installing property. There is a very common reason is a cell smaller sewage pipes, and a wide variety of eating habits of residents, and gradually the oil will result in finer outfall blockage.

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