Sewage books- Water fight for second and thirtiecities will
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   With the formal implementation of the new national "drinking water health standards" (GB5749-2006), the year 2013 various environmental policies, regulations have been put forward, "Urban Drainage and Wastewater Treatment" implemented in the foreseeable future monitor the implementation of industry standards, and constantly improve the industry standards will become one of the main work of the government for the water industry to monitor.



   Therefore, the mentioned standard transformation in recent years will have become a stock item water companies major initiatives for technology upgrades and operational management and control capabilities of enterprises are an important test, while a large number of equipment upgrades manufacturing and service transformation there are inevitable market opportunity, the company will provide a technically competent in the Profit margins.

   sewage treatment investment will significantly increase the

   With the steady increase of Chinas water supply, sewage emissions nationwide also showed a rapid growth, water pollution problems have become increasingly prominent. In recent years, urban sewage treatment facilities construction has made great progress, sewage treatment capacity rising. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, new sewage treatment capacity of 5,000 tons / day, with an average annual growth rate of about 10%, more sewage treatment capacity to central and western regions, small and medium urban migration. Recycled water market launch, "five-second" period, the regeneration of urban sewage treatment rate reached 10%, recycled water new investment over a hundred billion. Due to the scarcity of water resources in China has become increasingly evident and future price increases become an inevitable trend, so the sewage treatment and recycling, recycled water market, market desalination, water supply will be the next hot area.

   One study

   Environmental Planning Institute of Ecological Environment Ministry show that Chinese investment in wastewater treatment, "five" and "Thirteen Five" period, respectively, up 1.05 trillion yuan and 1.39 trillion yuan, of which the industrial and urban sewage treatment investment reached 435.5 billion yuan, respectively, and 459 billion yuan. Secondly, the future beyond the incremental index than the amount of water control, water rights will be met by way of circulation or recycled water use, these policies will be engaged in sewage treatment related companies bring significant positive.

   water companies shift to more integrated environmental service providers

   In order to further consolidate the occupation and the domestic water market, the water companies have accelerated regional distribution, BeijingJiangsu, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Shandong and other provinces and cities have become the major water companies to seize the key areas, and some regional governments have also set up a regional water companies to plan by investing in the local market, increasingly competitive industry.

   Recently, the state issued to guide all water companies through policies to their strategic positioning solutions provider to integrated service provider or system environment, this transition is also being recognized by the market and more and more businesses . In recent years, solid waste treatment, sludge disposal, desalination, recycled water recycling, food waste disposal emerging industries, landscape water management and other environmental protection has become the hot spot for investment enterprises in-depth mining, industry competition pattern from a single water projects to compete for develop a diversified field of environmental protection industry.

   long-term prices is an inevitable trend

   Central Peoples Government issued the "Notice on the issuance of a comprehensive energy conservation program of work" provides that: "in principle, tons of sewage treatment fees less than 0.8 yuan. " However, after a lapse of eight years, only 48 major cities, 15 cities are still less than this. Meanwhile, with the increase in emissions standards and provide the cost of sludge disposal, sewage treatment costs already more than 8 years ago, we can see, China sewage treatment fee is low overall.

   In addition, the scarcity of water resources increasingly reflect, raise the price of water is an effective way to save water, the rational allocation of water resources, price leverage to promote. Future water price reform will be one focus of Chinas price reform, further increases in sewage treatment fees have become an inevitable trend, margins sewage treatment industry is expected to further improve.

   area increased competition, second and third tier cities and sewage treatment problems of rural areas has become a new focus

   In recent years, in order to further consolidate the occupation and the domestic water market, the water companies have accelerated the industrial layout , Beijing, Jiangsu, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Shandong and other provinces and cities have become the focus of regional water companies to seize the major number of large water projects attracted wide attention, merger and acquisition projects and small towns to promote urbanization and environmental policy as parties gradually into sight, some local governments are also planning to set up investment in the local market through regional water company, to participate in market competition.

   In addition, as the economy developed first-tier urban sewage treatment industry matured, the demand slowdown, demand comes mainly from sewage treatment industry, "mentioned standard transformation". Sewage treatment industry gradually penetrate to the second and third tier cities, second and third tier cities and rural areas and sewage treatment business facilities are not perfect, and therefore will likely become a new profit growth point in the sewage treatment business in these regions

   ( articles source: Polaris water treatment network, invasion deleted)

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