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   Water is life must be in contact, and the water quality is good or bad is a lot of residents are very concerned about a major event. About water, many people will have some doubts. Now, Xiao Bian gave you talk about those questions about water solution.




4 on unsolicited FAQ installing a water purifier is very important (Photo from Internet)

   1 = Direct drinking water standards?

   If the water reached the subject of the new national standard, whether it means to drink it? the answer is no.

   has a

   for two reasons: First, the water used in the production process of chlorine, although the purified water can kill pathogenic microorganisms and other harmful substances, but the addition of chlorine itself in turn cause new chemical contamination. Another important reason is that the tap water pipe network, long-distance pipeline transportation, old rusty pipes, tanks and high-rise buildings in the city reservoir unclean or perennial not sterilized, can cause secondary pollution. Secondary pollution, bacteria, viruses and algae breeding, coupled with the existing chloride and chlorine, rust, heavy metals, radioactive substances, the water muddy, smelly, its endless harm. So, water is not the standard of drinking water.

   2, pick out their own tap water Why muddy, white, yellow

   muddy:? Mainly due to urban water supply pipes burst pipes solid onset with the repair process into the sediment.

   white: the water supply network is mainly dissolved air, by pressure decomposed into minute bubbles (not observed with the naked eye), tightly arranged bubbles flowing water will feel milky white, when after standing for several minutes in the vessel, as the bubble disappears, the water will become clear. This phenomenon does not affect the water quality.

   yellow: First, a first valve from the Master user to the users home water causes corrosion of galvanized pipes or pipes used for many years due to the quality of the formed secondary pollution.

   3, boil the water, a layer of white unknown substance why?

   When the original boil water soluble calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate in boiling water decomposition, release carbon dioxide, becomes poorly soluble calcium and magnesium carbonate (which is the main component of limestone, dolomite), first floating on the water, the scale of which is precipitated. This represents the hardness of the water, andWater quality has nothing to do, generally do not affect health.

   4, tap water smells which shares significant taste disinfectant?

   Water has distinct smell of disinfectant stocks is normal, because the addition of bactericide, primarily become a chlorine additive the amount is within the range of the national standards, not harmful to the body.

   want to eliminate toxic impurities in tap water, install water purifier is a very good choice. Water purifier can remove the water smell, toxic substances and other impurities, it is a good choice for healthy drinking water.

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