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   March 15, the sun rain turned the 16th China Advertising Festival in the spring tournament college students creative Auditorium speaking tour first stop in Shanghai Normal University. The sun and the rain to join the Academy Award for nine years, from 80 to 00 after the play, fight ideas, you have to know better life.


   Sun Yu Group on behalf of Zhou Xu share business proposition

   When it comes to the sun, rain, can you think of anything? natural phenomenon? Or solar energy? In most peoples perception, the sun rain solar energy is equal to the brand, and in the nature sun rain also by a fundamental phenomenon of sunlight, air, water formed, the sun is the source of the rain the sun warm attributes. Therefore, the Sun Rain Group President Chen Ronghua said, the sun rain solar brand is born with the sun temperament and public feelings, solar energy business is the sun and the rain is the foundation of hope.




   rain the sun by the on-site students sought

   do you think of solar energy What to do with?

   water heater?

   looked like a water heater that is it?



   or so?


   so that you seen it?


   This is the sun, rain Global Chief Brand Officer Lin Chi-ling design of the water heater, there are color values, to better meet your needs. In addition to water heaters, solar energy can do what you think? Ill tell you!



   solar wall and the steam engine, lights, cars, computers, etc. together was named American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in the past two centuries the most one interesting eighty invention! It provides heating for the building, while improving indoor air quality, achieve a combination of warm and net overlay the wind.


   trans-seasonal heat storage heating

   through the spring, summer, autumn (especially in summer) solar surplus energy collected stored, concentrated in the winter , the use of clean, renewable solar technology to fillHeating heating heat required, in particular to reduce haze in winter because of the harm caused by coal-fired heating, heating it to the community or the city in winter.


   Solar Home Power Station

   pension, new opportunities to make money. Private power generation, own money, make money selling electricity, state subsidies, the return on investment income is much higher than banks.

   any of your needs in life, can be realized by solar energy, which is the rain the sun to create solar way of life, that is, the Sun Rain "solar energy all" strategy. Solar power generation, heating, hot water solar energy is only part of all strategies, but also need to play a wonderful brain-dong majority of young intellectuals, imagine "Solar everything" in the end of life can be regressed into what!

   this year, like all solar theme, not the same students, but it has the same sun rain propositions like. 16th spring race, the rain the sun single proposition strategy is divided into categories: print ad category, micro-film category and the Internet Tweets class three categories.

   1, graphic works

   print ads and posters, can be thought of as favorites after applied to micro-blog, micro-letters, newspapers, magazines, etc., required contents reflect the fun, there is material or useful, watching then cattle X!

   2, micro-film

   online video, including video sites and social media network video transmission, flying his own, super-toxic poison poison, there is drama, there are ideas that can be super hard the ad can also be flexible implant, such as a physical sun rain logo exposed Jiuhaola!

   3, pushing the Internet text

   soft soft, softer the better. The first creative, creative marketing year was selected cases, see you!

   nine years into the Chinese one hundred universities and the Academy Awards together, in addition to products, pay more attention to the rain the sun is green attitude towards life and philosophy. Sun Rain expect more students to have eco-environmental awareness, create more public spirited, there are outstanding works of creative points.



   sun rain speaking tour live active

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