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  [Brand] BANG.D US Bangdeng time: 2017-08-10 15:53:19 US Bangdeng water purification (BANG.D PURE WATER USA) by the United States ELITE water purification Limited (ELITE PURE WATER USA, INC ) jointly established with the United states BD, headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. ELITE founder Carl since 1908, set up water purification research and development team, more than a hundred years of accumulated deep field of water purification. Elite relying on a century of professional technology and BD robust production management experience, US Bangdeng clean water to form a field of water purification technology, is committed to meet the water needs of the global health of people of different skin color. --BANGD.D1908骞村垱濮嬩汉鍗″皵缁勫缓鍑€姘寸爺鍙戝洟闃?the history of the Middle East in 1932 to supply water treatment equipment, large-scale modern production base in 1976 in Houston, Water World was established in 1994 to become one of the nations largest water purification equipment company in 2012 covering 46 countries and regions in 2013 joint US BD entered the Chinese market in 2015 Bangdeng China won the national water industry the most growth of the brand in 2016 Bangdeng China won the "national water industry best-selling brand award BD China by the United States water purification Association attaches great importance to the 2014 American Association for water purification formally invited China to become its honorary member BD, BD China together with the parent company to share resources with the American Association for water purification in the field of water purification, since cooperation BD China by the United States Association of clean water to help, while being American Association for supervision and clean water, especially in terms of imports, product testing and other .BD China strives to provide high quality water purification products for Chinese consumers. China --BANG.D development in the United States Bangdeng water purification in 2013 formally entered China , set up operations center in Xiamen, China. according to Chinese water quality characteristics and habits of consumers of water, water purification US Bangdeng its professional water purification technology, medical health standards and the spirit of ingenuity for centuries, providing high-quality health safety net for Chinese consumers water solutions. --BANG.D product introduction ultrafiltration machine imported food grade materials to ensure pure water pollution, more environmentally friendly unique logo lOGO elegant filter uses advanced global field of water purification technology Omnipure adsorption filter pollutants safer removing imported by the United States more effective external pressure ultrafiltration membrane film life significantly increased melt molding technique seamless connection safer unique snap formulaDesign, installation and replacement quick and easy one-piece disposable filter, to prevent secondary pollution BD-IMRO-B filter imported RO machine safer BD card collection Dow RO membrane technology employed by adsorption taste Omnipure post carbon filter effective improvement of water the advantages of low pressure membrane filtration stable and safer, than similar products high removal rate of 20%, with up to 96% of the high rejection mold technology seamless connection more secure snap unique design, convenient to install a replacement disposable integral filter, to prevent secondary pollution

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