Tasteless water purifier market go from he-
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   "husband chicken, discarding it like a pity, eat no income, the ratio Hanzhong, Wang Yu is also known to be."

   Three Kingdoms I believe many people have seen, the middle of a segment like this , see Yang Hsiu Cao Cao, Cao was chicken, coincides with the sergeant to consult passwords, Cao Cao gave the answer: tasteless. Yang Hsiu busy return castles, pack up, everyone said, Why repair answer:?! Were going to retreat, packed in advance so everyone is scared. Xiu said: My lord has Italian retreat, those tasteless, eat a token gesture, so there is a crowd, said, also have returned to the camp packed up and ready!.



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   Today, water purification market like this tasteless, eat a token gesture! Otherwise we would not now have so many large household appliances coffee, big kitchen, and other mobile phone operators have invested in the water industry. Gree, Haier, millet, Vantage, TCL and so on. Tasteless water purifier market go from here?

   in the article that you see here, probably just in water purification friends, it could be done a long time agents, of course, it could be like me in water purifier sales staff. A lot of people are directed at the prospects for the industry to join the water industry, according to statistics entire water industry has 500 billion market, and now less than 10 percent penetration rate, we can say the market is huge, but did net many people say the water industry did not make money, even a lot of doing doing on the closing of all, why such a huge market there such a situation?

   in fact, many people are aware of the water purification products, but in fact a lot of people about this product is completely do not understand. The model will sell through a few days to allow consumers a clearer understanding of the effect of product features, coupled with some preferential policies to achieve the purpose of the transaction, usually a will can be a dozen to several dozen, so they make money. Because electricity providers face a wide user base, showing the way through the network channels to users of water purification products functional results, coupled with the Internet do not shop rents, reduce the number of intermediate costs, the price is suitable, plus many, many purchased online are accurate customers, electricity suppliers in terms of price and product advantages are demonstrated to achieve the effect of the transaction. And good business model change to play marketing faithful, although some trial and error but a lot of development is also good.

   product is not a sad fact, not you and I have the final say, but the market have the final say.Now that a lot of big, big kitchen appliances including coffee manufacturers, of course, do mobile phones, the Internet have to do to enter the industry, it means that this market is not a tasteless market, of course, which will involve a lot of problems in development. Only from the development point of view, he is the unlimited potential.

   Why are you called it tasteless product? Actually, the reason is very simple, you do not have to sell him out. Now a lot of places will sell water purifier market is beginning to do the downhill, but the new marketing model, free gift machine, government projects, the new fast-selling, sales of new community benefits, the new installment, such as a free trial mode after another. In fact, marketing is a property like this, the same thing, become engaged in different ways, we will never get ahead of the development of the times, we eat this cake of incense.

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