Tap water system during visits- monitoring a number of qualy
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unscrew the faucet, clean tap water, crashed flow out. However, the water stream from where? And how to keep it safe? Along the path of the water, tap water system during visits.


Usually water sources, pumps around the clock, providing a source of water for the water downstream. In the water plant floor, there is an automatic monitoring stations, stations will automatically monitor temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, permanganate, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, total organic carbon, volatile phenol and other 11 indicators, sampling and analysis once every 4 hours.


Monitoring display, volatile phenol 0, DO 6.54 (mg / l), 62.1 turbidity, ammonia 0.058 (mg / l), COD6.44mg / l ...... all indicators reached the national standard. These data will be transmitted in real time to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.


"In addition to automatic monitoring, but also for manual monitoring of each month, up to 65 indicators. Also conduct a source water quality assessment year monitoring project for the 110." In a corner of the water plant, Correspondent found a glass jar, a group of goldfish are active swimming. "This is called biomonitoring fish tank." More monitoring indicators, is limited by biological monitoring, you can discover unforeseen circumstances, multi-faceted, multi-angle monitor.


After pressing by the water pumping station to the water, first enters the chlorination plant. In this plant, the water to kill the algae, plankton, and the like to prevent the structures moss. By chlorination plant water disinfection, and then enter the dosing plant, settling ponds, and other five valve filter, to remove impurities in the water.


In the five valve filter plant, a turbidity automatic monitoring instrument display, precipitation water turbidity degree of 3.556, after two filtered water turbidity of 0.183. While the national standard is 1 degree or less. After five water valve filter processing need chlorination, the tube is then sent to two Tainan, Kun Long Road, into the sea more than 100 million residents of the home.


"Every day, we want to be on the factory water and tap water (ie residents in water) monitoring. National standards for nine, we have added ammonia and Ph value of 2, a total of 11 indicators." Each May be monitored 38 indicators, 71 indicators to be monitored annually.


In addition to the self-test water, Water for sampling per month, every two months for testingProvincial Land Office of Environmental Resources and the Provincial Department of Water twice a year to conduct water quality inspectors.


has formed a water quality monitoring system perspective, a number of water to achieve a total of 180, water, a three-layer water pipe network protection, monitoring indicators.

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